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I do six hour blocks before I switch.  This continues until about 18 months or so when I stop leaking and my supply normalizes.
Me.  All.six of them, too LOL  Oh well. Nursing does work everytime and it is a good thing because it is the only trick I got!
Try positioning your logo piece up higher - well above your belly button. Nothing is easier than nursing in a maya wrap and while I love the moby (mine is homemade) it still isn't that intuitive or easy to do.
I know "they" say not to clean with anything, but I use either hydrogen peroxide or alcohol a few times a day until it's off.  Never had a smell.   This times, my dds fell off way too early and was still goopy (I think it caught in the diaper).  ugh.  I continued with the alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and exposure to air as much as possible.  It's fine now.  Never had a smell even when it was all goopy...it may be getting infected.   Witch hazel...is that a...
I have two, one made of 100% polyester (it is nice but hot and can't nurse too well) and one made of 96% cotton/4% spandex.  Knits give me fits so this one doesn't look as nice as the polyester but man, it is so much nicer to nurse in and use in general.  Who cares if it doesn't look professional :) There are a lot of tutuorials.   Basically, buy 3 yards of material....cut it in two to make a total of 6 yards and stitch the two halves together.  Then zig-zag the...
Swaddle before putting her in the Moby...well that's embarrassingly obvious (never occurred to me either) LOL  Off to try that.   I made my own Moby last night for a total cost of $9 plus thread :)  It's 6 yards of pink.   Can't beat that.  I'm going to scour for more fabric today and get a stretchier material to enable easier nursing.   If you can sew one single straight seam and zig zag the edges, I highly recommend making your own.
I've got NOTHING going on.  Officially due in two days.  Not even a twinge.  Just nothing.    Not sure why I just typed that out but it is a heck of a lot better than complaining at home I suppose. :)
Re the pineapple, I used canned one time and fresh the other times.  Though I'm sure fresh is of course more potent.   Labor started within 24 hours.  BUT probably just coincidence as I sit here due in two days with absolutely NO sign of anything going on.  Might be time to make a run to the grocery store.
Pineapple has worked for me in the past.  Well, anecdotally anyway.    Just a caveat regarding pineapple....too much burns the mouth so I wouldn't recommend trying to eat and chew large quantities..  I find it best just to pop it in a mixing cup or blender with water and blend or use an immersion blender. 
I feel your pain.  I have 5 soon to be 6 children and deal with Epstein Barr flareups periodically.  (Speculation that adrenal fatigue is caused by EBV, or can be).  All my children are 11 and under.  I do not nap nor do I get any more than 6 (broken) hours of sleep per night. Ever.   I take a lot of supplements.  High dose vitamin C (this is absolutely crucial), flax, coconut and olive oil, vitamin d, magnesium, a liposomal vitamin B, and liver supplements just to...
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