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Quote: Originally Posted by minkajane Anybody ever read Barb? She wrote four novel-length HP fanfics that are as good as the real novels. The first one is called "Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent." clicked the link, read the summary, can't read that much het. looks interesting for those who like het, tho! does she ever write slash? :
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom Are you really going to do it?? I thought that thread was buried in a toxic waste silo in the Nevada desert, never to be seen again. Will there be anything left after you've 'cleaned it up'? now that? that is a really good question.
personally i am very fond of skyehawke.com as an archive. it's largely h/d by default, but pretty much everything is allowed, and the quality tends to be high. http://archive.skyehawke.com/
viola, do you rememebr which harry/draco you read? that's my primary ship.
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I have incomplete fan fic out there. Now I feel horribly guilty. : as well you should am, i have been waiting for the rest of that fic since you posted your last chapter! (in the interests of fairness, i should probably admit that i have unfinished WIPs out there too.
could it be sleep apnea?
holy moly! i've had... (counts on fingers) four EI therapists so far. none of them have ever offered me unsolicited parenting advice, and i can't remember ever asking for any, either. the first one was a good: a speech therapist for my oldest child. the second was fantabulous and amazing and delightful: a developmental therapist for my younger daughter. i said, though i am glad you are here, i really don't understand why they think she needs developmental therapy. it's...
hi, ruth! thanks for the warning about the bread. texture and taste are definitely important to him. it can look exactly like what he's accustomed to, and still be something he won't eat. i will try him with rice cakes before pesach. he hasn't eaten one in years, but he might be willing to try them, especially if i explain that they are good pesach foods. he loves pesach, oddly enough. (i say this because he adores breads and eats little else.) speaking of naturally...
Quote: Originally Posted by sbgrace Many gluten/casein free kids who responded to diet will further improve on enzymes. And you have the whole issue of other things not being easy to digest either (like corn for example). i can't believe i didn't think of this before , but i assume these enzymes are taken by mouth? are they something i add to his food, or are they swallowed as pills, like a vitamin? because my boy won't take pills. or liquids. i...
thanks for all the helpful responses! i'm not looking for a cure, just improvement. a little improvement would make an enormous difference, really. he's not very impaired. i don't know anything about enzymes. from the way they've been described i gather they are intended to help him digest gluten and casein, so i have no need to remove them from his diet? or am i missing the plot? and please explain, why is the phrase "autism lite" offensive? or any phrase. i mean, i'm...
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