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I definitely think you should look into any and all options that make YOU comfortable, no judgement at all!!! While you are pregnant though, you have all these ideas, then a year later, you basically laugh about how it all turned out. Keep that in mind!!!! A lot of things I thought I would or wouldn't want to do, when I was pregnant, became a non issue once my son was here. I thought I was going to wean him relatively early, but he is 9 months and I still haven't, simply...
It annoys me, especially with my baby around, because I feel like I personally can't focus on anything else when it's on. Kinda kills the mood in a room for me and makes me feel stressed, because I am so used to having it off unless I am watching something specific on purpose, when my son is in bed
Favorite baby products are our two strollers....bob revolution for outside/walks and britax b agile for inside like Starbucks. My son never liked an ergo because he's wiggly and always tried to turn around or see. We also love our cheap infantino cloud cart cover.
We never needed a pack n play.....crib for sleep, even in beginning, and we used one of those baby fences instead of a playpen, but only on rare occasions when I can't be watching him
I bought an emf meter on amazon and I am so glad that I did. It answered any and all questions. You can also put it in a large purse and look down, if u want to be discreet. Mine is the tri field one
Thanks! in retrospect, it seems the beans may have upset his tummy somewhat. I will try some lentils. This was all great advice. about adding a grain, adding bread to soup, etc. He isn't a fan of pureed meat unless we add sweet potato, probably for the texture benefit. However, he is finally doing alright with some finger foods , so things will get more interesting! How should I add "good fat"? Olive oil? He already eats a lot of avocado, but a few other fat options...
Thanks for the advice!! I did end up trying the white beans for him, and he seemed to do okay with them.
I am a SAHM to my first, as well. He is 8.5 months. We go to "mommy and me" once a week, which really breaks up the week. He loves it! It is a little pricey, but I have finally convinced myself that it's worth it. It then motivates me to get out even more.   Babies can sense when you are bored. So that is probably adding fuel to the fire. If you are bored, they can read it on your face, because they are very good at reading facial expressions!!! (ever seen how good they...
I was wondering which to try first. DS is 8.5 months. We are leaving for vacation soon, and I wanted to only bring one or the other with us. My son does great on solids, but I feel he needs more protein. Taking chicken too. I already cooked the Great Northern (white) beans (they were soaked overnight). I am debating if I should start with lentils, instead, though. Wondering your experiences. He can't do eggs.   Thanks!
Wanted to say thank you for the prayers. I won't respond too much right now, because I am finally taking a break during DS's nap, and also, I am trying to "not" think about it right now, all the details and "whys." :)   I will probably just keep what we have for now. In a weird way, the insane firmness works out with my little one who is just learning to sit independently. Eventually we may need something that can accomodate reclining and snuggling a little better....
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