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I work as an attorney & dh is an enginer - we both have very demanding jobs, sometimes with long hours. We have found that the predictable night time routines help tremendously to add calm to our home when our work lives are hectic. Dinners are usually very simple. On the weekend I will spend a half a day pre-cooking: baking chicken, making soup , roasting veggies , etc. so that lunches & dinners are just a matter of reheating. Because we both work, the children are...
ITA - after 8 years I have given up on having "mommy friends." I adore the parents in dd's class, but I can't go to yoga at 10 am with the other moms. It seems like the other moms at our school are always getting together. They know I work ( I am the only person wearing a business suit at drop off) so I just don't get invited. Over the years this hurts less. And these are really cool, wonderful people I would love to hang out with. I find comfort in the fact I love...
I usually suggest art supplies - it's a broad enough category that I don't feel awkward about it and the best part is that they get used up.
Congratulations! We just had our little girl placed with us last week - she is 21 months. We will probably be going through many of the same things.
I've found that the clothes I get the most use out of are the black skirts & blazers. I rarely wear a formal suit unless I'm going to court. In law school I had a navy blue suit and a black one I got at the outlet mall - 8 years later I still wear both of them. I prefer longer, mid calf skirts because it's easier to hide a run in your pantyhose at least half my wardrobe is black
Allegations in a complaint are only part of the story -not what actually occurred. Perhaps a Waldorf school would be more likely to use realistic props in a play, but they are more likely to have plays in the first place. That doesn't make Waldorf schools more dangerous than public schools, or a basis to scare people.
It looks like this happened during a play rehearsal - not while children were playing. The fact it happened at a Waldorf school is just incidental. Very sad, though.
Depending on how approchable your prof is, let him/her know you need an extra 5-10 minutes. I had to do this in one of my classes ( 4 hour night class) I told the prof I was lactating and expressing breast milk during the break, so I needed 15 minutes. I also kept the pump as put together as possible and I sat near the door ( for a quick getaway and an easy return) Also, pump right before and right after. 
Our school is only 15 minutes from our house BUT its a 45 minute drive from there to my office. Factor in time to get out of the car and give hugs, etc when we get to school- it is about an hour and a half from the time I leave the house until Im sitting at my desk. Thats with no traffic.    Its totally worth it. 
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