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Yeah that doesn't make sense. They must mean November. Weird since that date usually autopopulates from the EGA. If you're 4w today your due date is more like November 18th. I'd go with that, myself. You can always call tomorrow to confirm. 
Ditto! I'm still reading and cheering you all on!!
You can take the Unisom at night and it should help during the day as well. Don't ask me why but there are apparently some studies on it. I always recommend trying it anyhow, although I've never tried it myself. It works in conjunction with B6 as far as I understand but B12 couldn't hurt as well.   Finally getting over this nasty cold. Blech. Haven't exercised all week, though, and am just feeling really blah. Told DH I feel like I am walking underwater all day....
Brenda I'm the same way! Can't find a class - yet - that makes me feel as good. Sigh. At least pregnancy is a finite time!
Oh I hadn't thought of that yet! That would be so cool! DS was 12 days late, DD 5 days, so 3 for this one is probably a reasonable guess!
I'm Kate, due 11/9 although mine tend to be late so I'm hoping for 11/11 as well! Very cool day. My guess is girl for sure. Welcome and congrats to all the new mamas!
I am due a day after you and have been having the same debate! I've decided to skip it during the first trimester. I know I could Modify and I could hydrate well but the core temp thig is hard to ignore. And really f you're going to monitor that it should be a rectal temp. Fun times. I just don't think the risk is worth it for me, although I do love it so much. I may go back after the first tri.
I hear you! I'm the same way. Waves of nausea and fatigue as well as that I have to eat now shakiness but other than that, not a ton. Definitely freaks me out at times but I think all is well!
Welcome and congrats sunkist!
New Posts  All Forums: