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Can you add me to "waiting to know"? Cycle #1 TTCing #3. 7DPO today and getting itchy to test already! Trying to wait until 1/1, hoping I get there! Congrats, CDsMom!!   Babydust to all! 
Hugs, blonhrt! That stinks. WTH? I agree, maybe you ov'd later than you thought?   Sparkle, I could have written your post! Tingly boobs, creamy but not a ton of CM, etc. I'm also super tired but I've been working crazy hours the past 5 days so it certainly could be that. I am really going to try to hold out until Tuesday, although I told myself that if I am having crazy symptoms (like real ones not this nebulous stuff!) that maybe I can test earlier. If the cramping...
That's so cute! Glad he is as happy as you are. . Feelin pretty crampy tonight. Hoping its implantation and not AF getting ready to come early. My LP is usually on the short side but not this short so hopeully its a good crampiness. Or maybe I usually have cramps at 6 DPO and I never notice! The wait continues. Fun times!
Congrats, livingsky!!
Very exciting news this morning!!  Dahlia, they are faint, but I think I see them! What DPO again? Early congrats!    Come on more BFPs this month!!!
Wow, you ladies have been chatty while I've been at work all day! :)   Dahlia, I think I see it! Can't wait for the AM test. Do you have an Answer or a FRER or anything else? I like those once I see a possible squinter.   Becky, I will probably test on the 1st. I'd like to think I'll make it to the 3rd but I probably won't! 11DPO is definitely early but a BFP is definitely possible. FF did an interesting study with a ton of their data that basically said that...
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day and that one more day in the 2WW flew by! It always feels like life is about counting days when TCCing, doesn't it?   Hugs on the BFNs, Cindy and Dahlia, hopefully AF still stays away.   Beautiful lines, Mamamash!!   Becky, I did ov last Friday. I'm going to try hard to hold out testing until 1/1. When are you thinking you'll test? Anyone else want to have a POAS party on 1/1? Awesome New Years Day...
Yay for cheapie tests! Good luck!
Not positive yet. Mine go from looking like that to being starkly positive really quickly. Some people have more of a fade in. You might want to think about testing every 12 hours as you get close, though. It is possible to miss the surge only testing once a day. I would have missed it this cycle if I hadn't tested every 12 hours. Just a thought!
Congrats mamamash!!! Becky and sparkle, so glad to have cycle buddies! I'm sure my urge to test will hit hard in a few days and you guys need to keep me from doing it! Lol. Hugs on the bfn dahlia. That stinks. There's still time though!
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