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Congrats lifeguard and Holly!! TXMom2, I peeked at your chart and I'd guess FF has it right. It's possibly ov wasn't until the next day but that seems less likely. Just my 2 cents!
Congrats to the BFPers!!! Baby dust to the rest of us!!
Quote: Originally Posted by finnegansmom Hi everyone, I refuse to use my digital test so I picked up a Answer Early Results tests. I have never used them before, so I don't know how accurate they are or what, but I got this about 10 minutes ago. Test. I also haven't been around much lately but I just popped over and I was so happy to see this!!! No doubt about that line! Congrats! I'm in the 2WW. 6/7DPO today. Trying progesterone this...
I'm not sure about this brand but some of them say that only 50% of the test line needs to be as dark as the control. I'd call the top one positive, too.
If your last positive was yesterday then you'll probably ov today or tomorrow. I would definitely DTD today in case it's tomorrow. You could DTD again tonight but there probably won't be too many swimmers left. I wouldn't worry too much, it seems like you guys have put forth a very good cycle this cycle! LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by beckyand3littlemonsters I was going to wait till saturday to start using my OPK's but decided to start instead because my cycles are that messed up i don't know when i'm going o it was negative it had the lightest faintest line i have ever seen on an OPK. Mine are usually stark white or have a VERY light line the day before they go ridiculously positive so you never know! Keep POAS (as if you need encouragement!!)! ...
Yup. Total addict over here. Last night I gave all my tests (10 Ics, 2 FRERs, and some silly blue dye one) to DH and told him to hide them from me until next Friday! We'll see how well he does when I'm bugging him like an insane person on Tuesday. LOL!! 1/2DPO today so a long way to go. :P Great thread but it's going to make it even harder for me to resist!!
Congrats and HH9M!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by karmab but katie, progesterone will not affect fertilization in any way. progesterone can put a stop to an impending ovulation, but not fertilization, so dont worry about that. Really? Well that would make me feel better. I just read this a couple of times in the past couple of days and it was freaking me out a bit! Thanks for the replies. ATM I'm going with the theory that I ov'd overnight/early AM on CD19...
LOL - thanks! I should add that I did temp a couple of times this AM even though I know you're not supposed to but DS has been waking early so when I woke at 2 I temped and got 97.55, which adjusts to just about what I got at 5 am - 97.99. And actually the 5am temp was taking so long I thought maybe I hadn't pushed the button right so I pulled it out of my mouth only to see the 97.99 and when I popped it back in it beeped. So I temped again (haha!) and got 97.87 or...
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