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I bet it's nursing that's making thugs wonky. So common. But still so hard when you want another. As long as you're nursing I think you will need to just keep up BDing often and remember you're giving such a wonderful gift to your LO. You could consider trying vitex, maca, and it progesterone supplements to help. Hugs.
Anyone else have sugar cravings? I am really trying to keep away from junk but all I want is sugar! I've been trying to have a piece of fruit or something when it hits. I also don't have junk in the house so it's an effort to get it. Although I want to buy peanut butter cups whenever I'm out! Ha! Or go to the frozen yogurt place. Ha. Although DH is trying to lose a little weight so that helps. I've also been trying to cook more since DH stays home and although he will put...
I just get the whole foods brand of corn tortillas. They are good. I simmer black beans with salsa and use that as a filling, put inside tortillas, stack them side by side in a baking dish, cover with enchilada sauce and cheese and bake until bubbly. Easy and tasty!
Jocie, I am obsessed with my soda stream! We have been out of CO2 for a while and it's so sad. I basically just do flavored water but man can I drink a lot of it! Haha. I had a half a mug of coffee this morning. With DD being sick and not sleeping well this week, I'm tired!  Up to 300mcg of caffeine is ok, though. That's not even a small Starbucks coffee but for regular homemade coffee it's about a mug or 2 depending on how you make it. I am trying to stay off it but I'm...
I definitely had cramping from about 8-13 DPO as well. It had gone away, although it came back on my run this morning. Worried me a bit but I know that's normal. So fun to use the digi, huh? I had never used one before so I splurged this time and it was definitely fun. It was a 3 pack, though, so trying to sort out what to do with the other two! I might pee on one other to take a pic since I'm planning to make a little card for an announcement to give to my mom when she...
I love Udis bread! I do lots of avocados as well. Amy's has lots of microwave GF stuff for when you're in a bind. Trader joes has some frozen GF meals too, some of the Indian ones are my favorites. Do you eat corn? I do corn tortillas since they're cheaper.
Well that's promising!!! 
LOL! I know! I hope I'll never need them again and I have a whole bunch so I think I'll use them just so I can sleep better. The things we do, huh?? 
How many DPO, Larski? FX!
Are you still nursing? Some people just have a lot more trouble than others when they're nursing. Also for some people it can take up to a year after stopping nursing for your hormones to completely level out. That's not the average, at all, but it isn't abnormal either. I needed progesterone supplementation to get pg with my DD when I was still nursing DS and I needed them this time as well, 5 months after stopping nursing. My body just seems to be really reluctant to...
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