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Yay!!! Congrats!
I'm 11/9 jjh. So hopeful you are comin over to the November DDCS with us!!
Totally agree about early positives on Wondofos. They take a few min to come up. Mine didn't start popping up quickly until maybe 13 or 14 DPO.
How's everyone doing? Fine over here. Tired and I am having such trouble sleeping! Somehow I find it so much more difficult to turn off my brain when I'm pregnant. Just can't stop thinking about stuff! :P working nights this week as well so sleeping isn't easy to begin with. Today I used up my last tests. I was so happy to see pretty lines! Anyone else have lines to share??
Congrats, Larski!! Those are totally BFP!!   Chourd - temps look good to me! FX for you!   JJH - I got that nasty evap on FRER and I am totally mad at them but I do think that generally they work really well. I did buy more for my obsessive testing this last week. I got a pos on a digi at 11 or 12 DPO this time, can't remember which it was. GL!! Can't wait to see more tests! What will your due date be? I got my BFP just when I resolved that I could think about...
Ooh jjh that totally looks positive to me! I hope it's not a nasty evap! Mamacat- I hope you see that second line and AF stays away! I took my exam the morning after I got my BFP last week. Whoops! Not sure how it went. It was tough and I was a little distracted. Lol.
I'm still here reading along! Been crazy at work so mostly reading on my phone where it's impossible to do personal replies. But I'm so glad there's so much possibility brewing here! I am cheering all of you on every day! Can't wait to see some more BFPs!! I'm doing fine. Feeling well. A little tired but other than that just fine. Been testing every day to watch the line get darker and chill my stressed out brain but I've promised myself I'm stopping that tomorrow! Can't...
Hi everyone! I'm Kate. My EDD is 11/9, although my DS was 12 days late and DD was 3 days late so I'm actually thinking maybe an 11/11 baby would be fun! I'm 4 weeks today. AF was due today and (phew!) no sign of her! Still obsessively POAS to watch that line darken. Of course then I am obsessively comparing the sticks and wondering if they are in fact darker and stressing myself out. It's really fun.  I find this time really hard to enjoy. I want to be excited, and I...
Hi all! I'm here as well. This will be baby #3 for us. We were TTCing but I was just starting to have second thoughts about that when we got our BFP! I have a pretty demanding job and things can be pretty crazy around here. But we've always wanted 3 so here we go! I'm due around 11/9. I work in healthcare so I see a lot of negative outcomes so even though I've only known I was pregnant for a few days, I've already lost sleep over it.  So working on being positive! This...
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