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Definitely could be pregnant! Mine is more high, medium, closed when pregnant rather than LFC. You should test!
Hugs and baby dust ladies! I am still following along! 
Also hugs, crunchy. So glad you've found a peaceful place.
Hugs Marquess. TTC is such a terrible roller coaster.
Thanks girls!! I know, the line is definitely There on the frer but didn't photograph well and the wondofos are definitely stronger. I feel like these are good for 10dpo. Oh I hope this babe is sticky!!
Holy crap. So much for my testing resolve. I knew something was up. So much for my concentration for my exam tomorrow!!!
You can get them on ebay or amazon really cheaply. Hugs, I hope your BFP starts blazing for you! 
Oh Marquess, I'm so sorry you're still in limbo. How incredibly frustrating. Major hugs. 
Yay, Larski! Hoping the 2WW flies for you and ends in a BFP!   Dahlia, I'm 9DP0 today.  Glad you're feeling ok! The tiredness shouldn't last too much longer, now. Can't wait for your US!   Chuord - Yay for energy work! I hope you get a nice, strong o! Get to BDing! 
Stood in the bathroom when I got home and almost tested! I'm just so afraid of the BFN. I am so conflicted!
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