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Marquess - wow, what a journey! It's amazing your were a surrogate. Sometimes I think I would love to do that since I really love being pregnant - mostly - but it must be so hard at the same time. I don't think it's greedy to want more kids. I often think people will roll their eyes at us if I get pg again. Especially since most of our friends don't have kids or are just starting so the idea of 3 is nuts to them. But I know there's someone out there who belongs in rue...
jjh - I know, there's no clear answer abut vitex. Some stop at o, some stop at a BFP, some go through the first trimester. With DS I think I stopped at o. I had had an a ovulation cycle due to stress and it brought on o very nicely and then I got pg. Things were so simple then. Ha. With DD we tried for 7 months so I think I tried a few different things. The cycle I got my BFP I weaned during the TWW. This time I had been stopping at o but I'm worried I need it to support...
jjh - I actually did find that with vitex! Basically exactly the same thing. Hopefully it gets both of us our bfps soon!!
We posted at the same time. Totally see it on the ICs too!!!
Wheee!!! I see it if I tilt my phone just right sparkle!! I had such good feelings for you this cycle. So exciting! Can't wait to see more tests! I so hope we are November DD buddies! jjh - don't worry! I'm still here! Hopefully not for too long but you never know. Yay for baby dust in the air!
Yay, Sparkle!! Will be looking for pics!! Probably makes sense to wait a couple of days. If the beta is super low it will just make you crazy, even if it doesn't mean anything is wrong, yk? Hugs! 
Sparkle!!!!   SO exciting!!! You have to try to post a pic. At least try!! Do you have a camera with a macro setting? That usually works well. I want to see sticks!! This is so exciting! FX for you!!
Welcome, truelife! Hopefully your stay will be short! 
Dahlia, don't be surprised if she doesn't get the doppler out. This early it's incredibly unlikely you'll hear anything and it will probably just serve to make you nervous!   Hugs, crunchy. That is so tough!! Hopefully you have a shy bean in there. FX. 
Morning ladies!   Huge hugs, deli.  I'm so, so sorry.    Also hugs to you, marquess. I had a nasty evap last cycle and it really bummed me out. Hope your appt is good today.   Dahlia, hope your appt is good and you get to have an US. It usually doesn't take much convincing for them to order one.   Blonhrt, wow!!! Congrats!!  That's a crazy story! So do you think you just ov'd later than you thought? Seems like the only reasonable explanation. So glad you...
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