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Someone gentle, friendly, and who really takes the time to address concerns, and is really good with kids. Also preferably someone who won't give me hell for using fluoride-free toothpaste at home. I was not impressed with my previous dentist. Thanks ladies!
Karen really is amazing. When we found out we were having another boy, I burst into tears on the ultrasound table. It was embarrassing, I didn't expect to have such an extreme reaction, I had just been dreaming of a girl. I had a midwife appointment right after that...I'd never met Karen before, and yet there she was, comforting me like she was an old friend. She was so wonderful and understanding. My baby boy is amazing, by the way. :-)
Btw, we declined eye prophylactics and the Hep B vaccine and no one had a problem with that. No one at the hospital even mentioned it, the midwives made sure it was on our chart. We didn't decline Vitamin K because of the circ. I'm not sure if we would have taken hell if we'd declined it and circ'ed. If we'd had a girl, though, we probably would have declined the K too.
My two cents: If you stay at the hospital, don't do the full two day stay. The nurses do not communicate well with one another, just getting an ibuprofen for cramps took literally two to three hours at some points. Only two of the five nurses who rotated while I was there seemed to know what was going on (although those two were very, very good. Sarah and Denise, I will never forget them!) I wish they had the option to stay at the birth center at least 12 hours or more....
Just another recommendation for Dr. Cooper. We call him the "Mr. Rogers" doctor. He's fantastic, so laid back and so good with the kids. He's been great with our delayed vax schedule. I like all the other doctors in the practice as well, especially Dr. Harder.
BTW, I can't rave enough about our birth experience at NSBC! Reina and Karen are awesome...all the others are lovely as well but those two are my favorites. Reina delivered my son in that big beautiful tub in January, she was so great! Heads up: bring diapers. They didn't have any at the birth center. The hospital stay afterward was less than stellar. I don't recommend it.
Sustainable Babyish/Sloomb is down your way. I went there once but it was a little hard to find, you might want to get their number so you can call if you get lost! There's also Thanks Mama in Newton.
Dr. Laz did our son's circ and did a beautiful job. If you want the topical EMLA anesthetic, though, tell the midwives now and ask for a tube to bring with you to the hospital (if you'll be doing it at the hospital). Dr. Laz usually does the circs without anesthetic, but I wasn't comfortable with that, and the nurses had to go searching for the EMLA. It was more of an ordeal than it should have been. The midwives have it in their office, just ask them for some if you want it!
Thanks for the info! I had called the Birth Cottage last month but the chances that my insurance would cover most of their care is very slim (darn Massachusetts), and I just don't have the organizational skills to fight with them (I know I'd put up a good show at first, but my ADD brain can't keep up with all the paperwork!) We checked out the Cambridge birth center last night and I liked it, but I definitely am also going to the North Shore open house later this month, as...
Thank you! Today I have been looking at my water birth options...seems like the North Shore birth center and Cambridge birth center are my best options, especially if I want to be close to a hospital in case of emergency (it will be winter, after all...the closer the better!) Of course neither of them are particularly close to our house, but they're both well within an hour. Which I guess will mostly just be a matter of not waiting till my contractions are already coming...
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