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See, I actually like getting 'anonymous' opinions just on initial impressions of a name because it helps me see things I might not have thought of. We don't tell our names to anyone until baby is here though.
Yeah, it's kind of strange.  I found myself kind of getting wrapped up in the opinions of people on the site about names we were considering, and then I realized half of them were high school students.  
I like nameberry and nymbler as well.  However, I do caution against getting too wrapped up in the forums on nameberry, as it seems a lot of the folks posting are teens who are obsessed with names, and are not folks naming actual children.  
Have you tried apple cider vinegar? A shot glass full can really help, as can digestive enzymes. This happened to me with my first pregnancy, it was my version of morning sickness. Toast with cream cheese usually sat pretty well for me, as did most high fat (but not fried) foods.
I think it depends on your circle of folks. I think the idea of a women's weekend celebrating you and baby is an awesome idea, but I do know people who are touchy about gifts/showers for non-first babies.
I am right there too, I've been doing the rubber band trick for two weeks (10 weeks now) and busted out the Bella band on Friday.
Apple cider vinegar as a toner is awesome for acne. My face got really inflamed and covered in acne a few years ago, and once I started using ACV as a toner it went away and has never really come back.
Does your insurance cover well woman visit with a midwife?  Maybe just schedule one of those, and then you could also talk about the birth process with them then.
I've had those phantom foot feelings to ever since DD was born (like when I was 100% not pregnant). I don't think it's gas, I think it's phantom movement.  Now, last night I did feel what I thought was a tiny flutter, way down low where baby would be.  I'm 9wks6days, so it's still really early, but I got kind of excited.
I totally stopped using our microwave during my last pregnancy, and we actually completely got rid of it once my daughter was born.  You get used to not having one really quickly, and now, at other people's homes I'm always surprised when the microwave is used- like I have totally forgotten it's a possibility.     I personally think there's good reason to be freaked about beauty products.  Our environmental toxic load is so huge just from the air we breathe, etc., that I...
New Posts  All Forums: