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HI ajsmom! I remember that Camry!! We are here in Texas with our car that still has California plates on it....STILL! I owe you a PM! Promise I'll do it soon. missy
Moving this to the extended bfing forum. I think you'll get some more help there!
YUP....I spotted light brown for a couple of days with pg#2. This was before I even knew I was pg so it was early. I spotted bright red at about week 8 with both my pregnancies! .....I have 2 healthy boys....so I wish you HUGE luck!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Awesome story! Take care of yourself and your family!
OH........Probably my favorite all time book! There are many threads on this book in the Books forum. Go do a search there. I'm moving this thread there now too.
I definately heard NOT to use a Keeper with an IUD...but never heard the tampon one. I've had my copper T IUD for about 3 years and used tampons each month. So far I have not had any problems. I do know that my IUD strings are cut high in my vagina. Maybe you can request that.
Actually, I think this thread will fit better in the Books/Mags and Media forum! Have fun in your discussion of this awesome article!
Not pg......not planning on another pg But I had a c/s almost 31/2 years ago and I'm here to offer all my support to other c/birth mamas!
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