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My DS is only 19 months, so I can't offer any concrete advice, but have you tried alternating days--nap one day, not the next? I've heard that some children aren't quite ready for no naps, but need one occasionally while they transition out of them. How long is her nap? Could it be shorter or could she get more exercise afterwards so that bedtime won't be so late?  Good luck!
I'm not pregnant again (yet), but I'll be watching for responses! I drink raw milk now and would feel comfortable continuing--I trust my milk source a lot. I'm about to try making my own kombucha after I get a SCOBY tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I would continue that during pregnancy. I'd probably feel safer with one someone else made, LOL!
Thanks, ladies! It does get near freezing in the back of the fridge, so I am going to get it out and test it! And I've been meaning to try making cottage cheese, guess this is a good time to do it!   I don't really understand what "clabber" means though--is this explained in Nourishing Traditions or some other resource I could look at?
I have 2 gallons of raw milk in the back of my fridge, unopened, that I bought before realizing I had a thrush infection I needed to fix. So, I went dairy-free for two weeks and the milk is now well past its expiration date.   Can I still safely use it to make whey or yogurt or some other things like that? I hate to waste it all! Thanks in advance for your help!
Just want to chime and say thanks for sharing this story! My DS is almost 18 months, and I am getting more convinced nightweaning is in our future...sigh. I hope that things continue to improve for you, especially with your own moods & mental health!
Countryangels, in response to your question about Latin Mass communities, there is one in my area. I haven't been able to attend Mass there yet, but it is based in the chapel of the diocesan cathedral, and they have two Masses every Sunday, high and low, plus another Mass every day of the week!   http://www.hbglatinmass.com/index.html   I wouldn't call central Pennsylvania "crunchy" but there is great access to fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy from local organic...
Same here, Arduinna and Cherry Bomb! I converted in 2005, so it's been six years now(!), but It was at least a 5 year process actively getting to the conversion point, starting around my senior year of college. And back then I had not a clue about Latin Masses or what "traditional" Catholicism might be! I was actually drawn to the Church's stance on social justice, which I felt was wrongly ignored by the evangelical churches I grew up in. I still appreciate that aspect...
Praying for you, P&L, and that God directs you to the right home for your little one! I admire your courageous and difficult decision...
I like Thorne Prenatals. You can buy them from various places online.
Glad that you and the baby are doing well, P & L, and I will pray that you figure out the best situation for all of you...
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