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are the grobabys pretty good? what sort of non-disposable inserts can be used with them?
My son, who is 7 weeks tomorrow, was born with what the hospital called a "natural circumcision." He has some foreskin, but it is short & loose. Also, the ped at the hospital did us the "favor" of retracting him , and I'm wondering if this could be why it's so loose now? It's encouraging to hear about the pp's son whose foreskin grew later! I'm hoping his will, any advice or recommendations on this? (btw, he does not have hypospadias)
Yes! Glad to know I'm not the only one...
After reading mdc throughout my pregnancy, I'm finally registered & a subscriber to the magazine! My baby boy's one month old now, so I will be posting as time permits...I have definitely benefitted from these forums already, in achieving a safe, happy all-natural childbirth. Looking forward to learning more, & contributing some, as we attempt EBF, CD, AP-ish parenting!
New Posts  All Forums: