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Today's E's birthday!  Can't believe I have a 3 year old.  When did that happen?  
Just happened to stop by MDC tonight and saw this thread--Congrats, Crafty!  She's adorable, and I love the name.  Welcome little Caroline!
Congratulations, Chloe'sMama!  What a beautiful little guy!   
I found that my DD (now almost 2.5!) went through a cycle of interest/non-interest, and I also introduced the potty around 18 months.  She started showing a bit more consistent interest about 4 or so months ago, but used the potty rather inconsistently.  Then, about 2 months ago, she showed a lot of serious in the potty (including regularly asking at school to use the potty), so we created a sticker chart; she has been consistently going on the potty during her awake...
Congrats Crafty and Porcelina!    Wishing you guys sticky beans and smooth pregnancies!   Hard to believe our little ones are full blown 2 year olds at this point.  E has gone from being a holy terror of an infant to just the sweetest, funniest, most talkative 2 year old imaginable.  So glad I didn't let that pack of wolves take her...
I have a two year old!  How on earth did that happen?    Hope everyone else is doing well!  E. just started a new Montessori daycare and loves it!  She is super verbal, super active, so much fun, and so incredibly stubborn!  I think between the start of the "trying 2s" and the personality she inherited from me we are in for a long, long year!   
Congrats, Maeryn!  What a great pic!  
  Congratulations!  That's such wonderful news!
Ah, ok.  Thanks for clarifying.
  Asiago: I'm not sure how this comment is helpful, to be honest, particularly without elaboration as to why you believe it should be avoided.      I think it's completely reasonable to want more balance in your life, GuavaGirl, and given the fragility of economic situations around the world, I think it's actually really wise to pursue paid work, particularly work that you enjoy!   I went back to work part time when DD was 4 months old, and put her in a Group Family...
New Posts  All Forums: