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We were both 25.  This baby I'm 28 and DH is about a month shy of 28.  We're hoping to squeeze in one more before 30, then be done!
Midwife put me on a Calcium/Magnesium supplement.  If I started getting painful contractions that wouldn't go away, I was to take 1000mg worth of magnesium.  You do not want Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc.  The Zinc interferes with the uptake of either calcium or magnesium (cant remember which) as the receptors are the same "shape."  See if you can find just Calcium/Magnesium in a 1:1 ratio or one with potassium is ok...  just no zinc....   Good luck!     ETA:  She...
I have Black Cohosh for back labor, Placenta Out Tincture, and Shepherd's Purse Tincture.   Anyone know the dosage for these?  So far, I can find that you rub the cohosh on the back, Placenta Out is 1tsp every 15 minutes, and Shepherds Purse is 20-40 drops, but no time on repeat dosages!   Thanks!
I'm in Sheridan Oregon.  I have Regence and although they say they dont cover out of hospital midwives, they are covering at 60% ish after we meet our deductible.   ETA:  Our midwife is a LDM,CPM,CMA and everything's been pre-approved.
  I've checked a few times....  I've been easily a 3 for some time now...  Last time I checked was probably a 4, seemed much "wider" than the previous time.   Saw the midwife today... she said baby's chin is tucked (something I cant tell), but it isn't anymore engaged than the last time I saw her, 1.5weeks ago.  Also, I'm not measuring any bigger according to her measurements, but measuring smaller according to mine...
Did your real labor feel any different?  Did you know "this is real" or did you just think it was more prodromal labor?  I'm kinda worried I wont recognize real labor when it does happen and not be able to get a hold of DH at work.  I'm not for UCing alone with a toddler!!!!
I'm almost 38 weeks.  Better for baby to stay in, but if it's ready, I dont want to impeede.....  This has been happening since 35 weeks, but gradually getting more intense...  I think next time I'll try these things to keep it going.  *I* am probably not ready....  I need three days of sun for our yard to dry out enough to pull weeds and get my seeds planted....  THEN I'll be ready for baby!  Today is day 3 of no rain, 2 of sun, so I'm going to head out and see if I...
Why didn't your midwife bill the insurance?   We have Regence BCBS in Oregon, and she called and found out the exact amount we are responsible for, then we pay that, and after baby is born, she bills the insurance.
Within half an hour of sex, I start getting contractions.  3-5 minutes apart, 45-60 seconds long. They last for about 6 hrs at that pace, then another two and they've simmered down to braxton hicks.  Gives me lots of practice doing my hypnobabies, but that's about it.   What can I do to either stop it, or make it productive?  This is my second baby, and it had started engaging last friday (head no longer wiggled back and forth), but I cant really tell how much...
  Where can I find more info on this?  I had no idea there was anything going on after the placenta came out!  I thought once it was out, everything was pretty much done!
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