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Hi everyone- I could really use some advice. My 9 year old took a small toy from a classmate's backpack to 'get back at him' for being mean. I understand the right thing for him to do is to return it to the other child, however I am worried that his social problems will only worsen if word spreads that he stole something from another child.... How do I teach him to take responsibility for his actions, while not totally ostracizing him from the class? One thought I had was...
That is wonderful account of the births of your two loves and the transformation you were able to experience from the first birth to the second. I am so happy that your second experience was everything that you wanted. Congratulations again!! xxxx
Mamamaya- I hope everyone in your hometown is OK! It really is a stupid war, if 'ole W had to send any of his family members there, I am sure things would be happening differently.... Anyway, that is wonderful sleeping schedule you have worked out with your baby. Ethan is up consistently every 3-3 1/2 hours. It makes it hard to get some good rest! Nicole - big s to you. It sounds like you have been really strong throughout all of this. I am glad to hear insurance will...
Karen- Many congratulations! What a beautiful story and loving pictures!! How sweet that Noam was so worried about the baby. Enjoy your new love!
Congratulations!!! What a lovely story and a beautiful baby name. Enjoy your new little girl!!
What a wonderful story and very well written! Isn't it wonderful having one baby in one arm and a sibling in the other?? Congrats on your new baby love!!!
Welcome baby Isaac!! Many congratulations of your cute guy!!! How wonderful that your dd was so "in-tune" with the birth. Enjoy those baby cuddles!
My fear is that I will develop post-partum depression and isolate myself again. I am already feeling reclusive and like I want to just stay inside with my family. I hardly answer the phone and put off making plans with friends. It feels 'right' right now, but I know it could lead to depression and isolation later. It has just been so hard to get myself out the door lately. Do any other mamas kwim?
Nicole- I'm sending love and light your way. I am glad you caught his heart trouble early so it can repaired. There are times like now that I am glad we have modern medicine! P&A and Nadia - Congratulations!!! I will look for your birth stories. Until then, enjoy your time cuddling up to your new loves!! Mamabecca - I'm sending warm birthing vibes your way. It sounds like you have some great support! I hope it goes smoothly! Malama- I know what you mean about the...
Mamamaya- What a great story. I am so happy for you and your new little love. Babies are healing and bring so much love into this world. I am so glad you are able to experience it every time you look at her.... They truly are miracles.
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