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I'm sorry, SunnieP
I have a serious love/hate relationship with morning sickness.  It makes me happy to have it because I like the reassurance that things are going well, but my, I'm a grouchy person to be around right now.    I made DH take a (second) shower the other day because I could smell his deodorant across the room...and he only used that particular one because usually, I love it.  Poor DH...he's such a good sport!  He did draw the line when I suggested ripping out the carpet...
I'll have to watch this thread too, as this question has been on my mind lately.  I have yet to find a stroller I actually like...but I think that with a tiny newborn & an active toddler, it'll probably be a good thing to have around.  I don't know.  I really, really hate our current strollers and the thought of having something even bigger & less maneuverable is just unappealing.
With DS, our "tradition" was that after each Dr's appointment, we'd buy one thing/set of things, starting with the early u/s appointment at about 9 weeks.  At first, we bought smaller, gender-neutral things, with the thought that even if I miscarried, we'd use the things for future children (ie-board books, baby carriers, etc).  This time, we don't really need anything other than a carseat & clothes if it's a girl, so we won't be doing as much shopping ahead of time.
With DS, I knew he was going to be a boy.  I always referred to him as "he," in all my dreams, he was a boy, we could only agree on boy names, etc.  This time, my intuition isn't as strong.  We can only agree on girl names, and DH & I have both been referring to the baby as a "she," and according to the timing of BDing & O, it *should* be a girl, but in all my dreams, it's been a boy, so I guess time will tell!  But if I had to guess, I'd probably say girl.
Ha, I just ate a ham sandwich for lunch and didn't even think about it being on the no-no list until I read this thread...oops!  I was pretty paranoid about following all the rules with DS, but this time, I haven't stressed about them as much.  I agree with the posters who advocate the use of common sense!
I started wearing maternity pants at 9w with DS1.  So far, I'm at 6 weeks (everyone else seems so much farther along, goodness!) and I haven't busted them out, but have thought about it.  I already have to unbutton my pants when I sit down.  Then again, my belly never went back to normal after DS was born, so the slightest amount of extra bloat has me looking preggo.
Good luck!
I'm so sorry for your loss.  ((Hugs))
We tell immediate family (parents, siblings) pretty much as soon as we find out.  But this time, FIL told his entire extended family at Thanksgiving, which annoys me because if something were to go wrong, I don't need all of them knowing about it--we don't see them that often & it's not something I otherwise would have shared with them.    Other than that, I'll be telling a couple of friends--one because I had talked to her about possibly being pregnant and another...
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