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We'll be there!
I love everyone's pics! I just can't get myself organized enough to put pics on the computer, upload them to photobucket, & then post links. Too many steps! But one of these days, it'll happen. Luke is putting together more and more short sentences and phrases. He says "Bye-bye, mama/dada" all the time and today, DH left the apartment and Luke pointed to the door and said, "Dada? I don't know!" I think that's his version of "Hey, where did Dada go?" He's going...
We can actually come this week, yay!!! We'll plan on being there
DS is 16 mos old. Clothes: he can sometimes get away with 18 mos, but they tend to be too small, esp. pants with a cloth diaper on. Usually, it's 24 mos or 2T. Shoes: Size 6 or 7, depending on the brand & style. He weighs 26-ish lbs and is 32.5 (I think) inches tall.
Quote: Originally Posted by em123 If we ignore him he just gets louder and louder. Have you tried repeating back what he is saying? My 16mo does it too. If he's saying a word I don't understand (or if I'm not paying a lot of attention ), I say "Uh-huh" and he'll keep repeating it more loudly until I echo the actual word.
Teeth--Luke has 6. I think the last 2 came in about 2 months ago, maybe longer. I can see 2 more that seem like they should come through any day now, but they've looked that way for a few weeks Nursing--He's still nursing, but I don't think he gets much from me anymore. He usually goes all day without and then nurses at bedtime, once or twice in the middle of the night, and then when he wakes up. Sometimes he'll want to if he wakes up too early from his nap, but not...
Is there any way your SO could help with some of the nighttime parenting? I know that with DS, it helps to kind of tag-team him--there are some nights when it's easier for me to get him to sleep & some nights when it's easier for DH.
Cheryl--I HATE putting away clothes at the end of a season. In fact, the first time we did that, Luke was just about 2 months old & as I was folding & putting stuff up, I told DH that we needed another baby. DH looked at me like I was crazy b/c Luke was a really angry newborn who cried non-stop from the time he was 12 hours old until he was about 8-9 weeks, so we were still on the tail end of the non-stop screaming at the time. Even now, every time I put away clothes...
We usually only give him 1-2 pieces of food at a time and either do closed straw cups or I help him hold his open cup. Also, he usually throws when he's done with a meal--he'll say "All done" and if I don't respond fast enough, he'll throw whatever is left on the tray. We're trying to get him to hand me the pieces when he's done, which sometimes works & sometimes doesn't.
**I'm posting this here instead of in the Allergy forum because I'm not sure if this is an allergy or something else, but feel free to move it if necessary** DS is almost 16 months and has had diarrhea (and therefore, a diaper rash) for the past 3 weeks now. I don't think it's something contagious because DH and I are fine and so is my friend's baby, whom I baby-sit full time. The only other time he's had this problem is when we tried introducing cow's milk at...
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