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You can remove me from the list. I miscarried.
I'm still nursing my 19 month old DS as often as he wants. He nurses quite a bit throughout the night still and several times throughout the day and during his nap. I don't have any nipple soreness and I didn't with my last pregnancy, so I'm hoping I won't. I am a little worried about my supply since my son loooooves to nurse and would be pretty upset if my supply tanked, but I'm sure he will just dry-nurse through it until the colostrum comes in. I had colostrum last...
EDD: Late June/ Early July Your Age: 25 Your General Location: Canada This babe will be child #?: 2 How long have you been TTC: A few months Tell us a bit about your family (partner, other children, and/or pets): My husband and I have one sweet little boy, 19 months old. Anything else you'd like to share: I'm very nervous about being pregnant again as I've previously miscarried and have a hard time being excited again since then.
I guess I'm ready to be moved. I'm nervous even typing this because I don't want to jinx myself, but I can't pretend I'm hanging out in the TWW forever.
AngelKissedKids- I was the exact same! Every single month I would doubt myself and decide to postpone TTC again and decide I should wait until DS is older, then I would ovulate (crazy hormones!) and decide I want a baby right now. Lol. Honestly, I think it's normal to always doubt TTC and wonder whether it's the right time. I remember doing that when I was TTC my first so I think it has less to do with worrying about milk supply, older nurslings, etc. It just seems to be...
MyKidKissTrees- Please don't move me to Successes yet. I'm very nervous still and I think I'm just going to stay here until I'm a little farther along and feeling less worried.
So, I just got my BFP this morning. My due date would be the very end of June, so I'm just going to say I'm due in July. :) Hopefully, some others will be joining me in the July DDC soon.
Congrats BabySmurf!   Sorry about AF, LivingSky.   AFM- I'm just chilling out in the TWW still. Trying to stay calm and not test at only 6 DPO. Hehe. I want to hold out until after 14 DPO, but realistically holding out until 10 DPO would be a miracle for me. I need to stay strong. ;)
Oh, answers to the questions:   @ stretch358 - My PPAF came back at 14 months postpartum.   @ Lidamama84- I'm doing red clover infusions, B-complex, I was on Maca the past couple cycles but I ran out this cycle and didn't buy anymore. I was on some Chinese herbs, but I forgot to take them this cycle. And I usually do acupuncture each cycle.
I'm back!!!   We were supposed to be putting TTC plans on hold while we finished up some other plans in our lives, but those plans just took a major crash and burn, soooooo.... we're back to TTC!   I'm on CD 15, got a positive OPK today, will probably O tonight or tomorrow. So, I'm just going to say I'm in the Two Week Wait. I'm a little nervous of our timing because we didn't BD at all this week. I got the positive OPK this morning and then we DTD tonight. So,...
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