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If you are at all concerned about her reaction I would wait until after the holidays to tell her. It's hard to listen to other people's poor reaction to your pregnancy....especially when you are excited about it. It might ruin your holiday and cause you to be even more upset with your mom than you otherwise would have been. I'm sorry you are dealing with this.
We are doing the cake thing. A friend of mine decorates cakes, and she is making me some cupcakes with pink or blue filling (ultrasound is tomorrow). We will be having the cupcakes at our family Christmas Eve party.
I sure hope you are right!! That would make 3 of each for us. G, B, G, B, G, BOY!
Ok....I'm having an ultrasound on Tuesday and getting a little antsy to find out what this baby is. I am currently 17w6d with baby #6. (due May 21st) I have gained pretty evenly....but maybe a bit more in my hips. My face is not rounder. Baby's heart rates have been 140s, 150s, and 160s.
Don't worry about it a bit. I'm on baby #6 and measuring a few weeks ahead too. I think it just has a lot more to do with things stretching out faster. During my last pregnancy at around 22 weeks.....just out of the blue I measured 30cm. My midwife and I both freaked and thought there must be a twin hiding in there. I went for an ultrasound and we found just one baby that was measuring only 1 week ahead with a completely normal amount of fluid. The baby was just in an odd...
I have 5 with #6 due in May. I think we will probably still have more. We have always told everyone that we wanted 8, so I think that saves us from a lot of the negativity from family and friends at least. They are just used to it and know to expect another little one. I agree 100% with what momo7 said...the love and selflessness can just be so abundant. My favorite thing about having a large family is watching my older children completely dote on their younger...
This is my sixth, and mine is just above my navel too. I'm 13w5d. I think that after baby #1 those ligaments are looser, and your uterus will rise a lot faster. It seems to have gone quicker and quicker with each one.
On a good note, as a mom of 5 (2 boys and 3 girls) I am reminded of how many times I am stopped by a complete stranger who will say something like it's nice to see a large family. Usually it's an older person. Just this last spring we were on vacation and having lunch in a restaurant. I noticed an old man who kept smiling in our direction. As he walked out he stopped by our table an whispered in my ear that we needed to have one more...a boy to even things out.
I'm sorry mama. I'm due in May with baby #6, and I have had my fair share of nasty comments. Thankfully we have a large community of like minded friends, and we go to a church where large families are encouraged. I think I received more negativity when we announced #5 than we did this time. (maybe because we made it perfectly clear that we wanted a large family and would be having more so they better just deal with it) I know it's hard. You are so excited about your...
I hope the tests get darker for you. Unfortunately it might be a chemical pregnancy. Sometimes it takes a few cycles for your hormone levels to get to where they need to be to support a pregnancy. When I am nursing I have very low progesterone levels even after my cycles return. I have had chemical pregnancies because of it. I hope that's not the case for you, but you should prepare yourself for the possibility.
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