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Quote: Originally Posted by mommymac I am not sure how to make this pic smaller nor how to post a link to it and have it work, so here goes nothing.. (this is suppose to be a thumbnail) I POAS today, this is one of three that came back with a faint line... BFP?? It was in the time limit that it appeared and it has pink to it. IRL, DH sees it too.. what do you think???\ http://i867.photobucket.com/albums/a...0/DSC06548.jpg I do kinda see...
We try to only do a themed party with friends every other year. On the year we don't do that it is dinner and cake with family and maybe a trip to the bowling alley or skating rink. I have 3 with b-days in July, and this year I got them all to agree to a family trip to the water park for their birthdays....just 1 trip for everyone. They are very happy. It actually does work out cheaper than planning something separately for each child.
Quote: Originally Posted by lucy_v Wow, I was figuring I was just a freak! Thanks, party_of_seven, you've made my morning!! Even if it doesn't mean I'm pg, I am in a better mood now, for sure! How many dpo are you? I'm at 9 today. Is this a common feeling? I'm only 4dpo, but feeling pretty hopeful based on this one symptom and some extreme( and unexplained) exhaustion.
Quote: Originally Posted by lucy_v AFM.... I'm curious if anyone has experienced this "sign," or perhaps an obsessing side effect. Last night, as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep (I was exhausted and had been falling asleep on the couch prior to putting myself to bed), I felt like my uterus, maybe my whole pelvic area, was restless, anxious, antsy. I'm not sure if that makes sense. I wasn't cramping or in pain, but I felt like I was very "awake"...
I am still insanely exhausted today. This is so not normal for me. I usually run every morning, but I have not finished a run all week yet. Today I went out for 5 miles and only finished 2.25. I have even tried eating a little more to see of I was just low on carbs, and it hasn't made any difference. I'm not sick either. Hopefully it is just a VERY early symptom. I'm only 3dpo!
Quote: Originally Posted by SeattleRain How far after impantation do you think you can get a BFP then? Probably in 48 hours. Once the embryo implants it starts to produce hcg, and then it just takes a little time for it to build up enough to show up on a test. So give it about 2 days.
I'm voting for implantation dip too!! Good Luck!
I had two back to back when we were TTC our youngest. I was still nursing, and I a positive that it played a role. I had tandem nursed for two years and then I was down to nursing just one baby. I was having short cycles with short LP. I ended up getting pregnant the exact month after my ds weaned and we weren't even actively TTC(we had put it off several months because I couldn't deal with another loss emotionally) Good luck to you!
Quote: Originally Posted by MaerynPearl If you're pregnant, the valium wouldn't touch the baby... and would be out of your system before baby's placenta is functional. I agree. It would probably be fine. I understand the concern though. I' avoiding things too...like caffine just to be safe. The waiting is killing me too. Today I was unusually exhausted. I didn't feel like doing anything. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I might be...
With my last pregnancy I measured 30cm at 22 weeks or so. My midwife could not figure out what position the baby or babies were in. I felt like I was getting kicked all over. She sent me for an ultrasound and it turned out to only be 1 baby in a really weird position. She was transverse and turned a little posterior. After a few weeks she turned breech and my measurements went back to normal.
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