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OK....I just have to get this off my chest. Hubby and I threw caution to the wind and totally dtd when I knew for a very firm fact that I was ovulating. (Very strong ovulation cramps and loads of EWCM) We knew very well what we were getting ourselves into even though we were not exactly in TTC mode. Another baby would be a very welcome addition to our family. So I'm like 2 DPO and just waiting to test at the first possible second. I'm quite confident that there will be a...
I think it's pretty normal for most families to throw a party for the new graduate. I had one when I graduated. It's not like you really get to see the graduate or talk with them much at the actual graduation. My mom is throwing a family get-together afterwards (before the big high school lock-in graduation party)
I might just go to the actual graduation and not sit with the rest of the family. It does also involve a party afterward where I'm sure it would be noticed that I did not attend.
The sis who is graduating is a typical teenager and doesn't care about anyone but herself. She has become very self absorbed. I doubt she will care one bit if I am there or not. She recently threw a fit and deleted me from her facebook. Newly married sis has decided to ask mother point-blank and see if he can come. I decided to wait and see what mom's response was. If she tells sis he is not welcome then I won't go.
I could turn this into a really long post, but I will do my best to keep it short. My sister has been dating a nice enough guy for the last year or so, and they just got married last Tuesday. Anyway, my mom who has only ever spent maybe 6 hours in the same room( 2 birthday parties and a Christmas Eve get-together) with sister's SO has decided that she does not like him. He has never abused her or done anything to deserve her attitude. My mom has a history of doing this...
My daughter did that when she was about 6yo. I warned her not to suck the mucus back into her nose because it wasn't good for her....that it would lead to an ear infection or sinus infection. I told her over and over again. Sure enough a few days later she had the mother of all ear infections. We treated it with garlic oil and it turned out fine, but she was miserable. I made sure to point it out to her that she caused it by not taking care of herself.....natural...
I use http://thescramble.com It provides a weekly meal plan for 5 very healthy meals. The best part is that there is a grocery shopping list that goes with it. I like the fact that my family is eating more veggies than ever before and we rarely waste and veggies. (like buying carrots and never getting around to cooking something with them) The meals are normally one or 2 vegetarian, 1 fish, and 2 with some type of lean meat like ground turkey or chicken breast.
I love the stuff too. With 5 kids it is a PITA when someone gets sick because it will undoubtedly work it's way through the whole house leaving us sick for weeks. I keep a bottle of it in the car, and all of the kids get a little squirt each time we get in after we have gone into a store etc. It has helped us out a LOT. We are getting much fewer colds now.
You really might want to consider that breastfeeding might be affecting your fertility. Through LLL I have come into contact with several women who were unable to conceive until they almost completely weaned. Some of them did not even regain a cycle for 24+ months. You are older now and your fertility might have changed a bit. Your body might be more sensitive to the nursing hormones. It happens sometimes. I conceived #4 while #3 was still nursing A LOT. Then I tried...
my third was an ugly ducking. i would say that she had a face only a mother could love. the good news is that she grew into it. by the time she was a few months old she was beautiful and got lots of compliments.
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