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Those masks are awesome!
I can go years without a partner.  There is plenty of "intimacy" one can give oneself.  :)   We are all different and there is no right or wrong time.
I highly recommend counseling.  And you might check out the book Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay.
Check out Alamosa.  It has everything on your list.
I told the truth, too.  Why would I lie?
I'm a full-time student and have not gotten child support for years.  I moved to a cheaper area, drive an old car, and live mortgage-free in a mobile home in the boonies.  I take my classes online, and work part-time from home (writing/editing/marketing/nonprofit) and out of the home with kids (teaching UU sunday school).  We've homeschooled all the way, but the kids will likely start school next year (in 2nd, 4th, & 6th grades) since I'll have internships and such and...
You know Buddy?  Cool!  PMing you.  :)
I've taught my kids the ancient stories that created Santa, and we celebrate Santa as "a spirit of giving."  At our house we are all Santa for each other.  The kids sneak stuff into each other's and my stockings, and I put stuff in theirs.  We celebrate on Winter Solstice every year, and then a few days later they go have Christmas with their dad and his parents.  (Except for those he missed while locked up, but they still went to the grandparents.)  They do the more...
I'd call some local cleaners, both individual and company, and ask them about their office rates, and if they provide supplies/equipment. Companies are probably bonded and insured, but they are also far more expensive. Lots of businesses are cutting costs these days, so it seems like a good time to do something like this. I've been thinking about it myself.
Well said, Zinnia.
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