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Everyone tells me "pregnancy sex is the best"... On what freaking planet?? I swear if one more person asks for something from me, or touches me or tries to get me to do a omething I don't want to I'm going to lose it. Anyone else?? It's REALY getting to my husband, and I feel like it's just me. Should I look I to a hormone problem?? -Viv-
Well, I guess I'm the odd one out. Here is my 13 week non-belly! It's here a little, but it just looks like I ate too much! Can wait till 20 weeks when I usually pop. ))))
Those are so cute!!!
Yikes! That does seen a little over the top.
I found it! http://www.moonsigncalendar.net/moonangle.asp?Tagzahl=22&Monat=10&Jahr=2013&zeitzone=0
I have one of those too! This was at 8qeeks 1 day I believe.
Anyone have any cute ideas for announcing the pregnancy on a social media site? We are all approaching the second trimester or have already crossed over! Here is our announcement for Facebook! We also Sent hard copies out with our Christmas cards to close friends a week earlier.
At about 12 weeks I start getting antsy to know the gender! I'm an uber-planner and I'm the type that needs all the information! Does anyone know where to find the moon calendar for gender conceiving based on ovulation month/date?
Me too!! Still have morning sickness but I'm Excited for what the second trimester brings!! Congrats mama!
I'm SO sorry Lilytiger! I'm the other group leader, but have been absent. I will try to step it up. I also had a miscarriage last time at 7-8weeks and found out at 10 weeks. It is so so aweful. I hope you can heal in good time.
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