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Baby# 1.......23 hours 2......-8-hours 3.......4 hours. I'm worried this one will be born in my car at this rate. We do hands-off hospital births. I'm calculating from the first "I think that is a real contraction" to holding baby. -Viv-
It's funny breman, because I stalked dr google for two weeks. All the twin posts I came across were lower than my numbers but many were pretty close. I was convinced it was twins or more!! So so weird.
Can you update my post? It's just one tiny baby!
Hey ladies! Just wanted to update after the ultra sound. My hcg was through the roof! But had the ultrasound and it's one tiny baby with one tiny heartbeat!! I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow. 16dpo-2,145 22dpo-19,075 Singleton.
Can any of you mamas feel a fundal height? I swear I could feel mine right on schedule with my last successful pregnancies. I'm 7 weeks and can't feel anything when laying down. If I stand up, and suck in, I can see a ridge about 10 cm above my pubic bone where I can't suck it in.
Utah/ colorado
Name: Vivica Age: 32 Due: July 13th Location: western U.S. Number: #4 Sex: hoping for healthy, leaning toward b/g twins. Will know next week!
Oh believe me, I agree! I spent a week with dr google freaking out!!! And it didn't help.... The doc said at 16 dpo "it looks like you are 2-3 weeks pregnant" I was to stupefied by the number to answer. If I had been thinking I would have realized that she meant fetal age, but didn't realize that's what she meant. She thought it looked normal, but if she has subtracted the two weeks like she was supposed to, she would see what I see! I called today to try to get in,...
Congrats! I always had a feeling I would have twins. We'll see! Mamamem- that is crazy! I'm sure all the " it's not genetic" scientist would love to study your family! Haha! Identical triplets??? Iv never even heard of that!
Hey ladies! The numbers are looking good! I got my second beta back a week ago, just now posting it. Oops!! 16 dpo- 2,145 (ish-75?) 22dpo- 19,075!!!!! They won't do an ultrasound until 12 weeks.... I'll look 20 weeks pregnant by then because I'm OBVIOUSLY carrying g a litter.
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