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I'm nursing my 18 month old. I plan on gently weaning when she shows signs. Hopefully soon. Lol!
At 16 dpo it was 2,143. Yes I have gone to beta base, yes I do know that hcg level vary; however when I google 16 dpo beta. I have not seen one above 1,00, and most are in the 100-200 range. I'm now reading about high hcg levels being an indicator of Down's syndrome or a molar pregnancy. And I was worried about multiples! Has anyone else actually, themselves or known someone personally who had numbers that high? Thanks!! -Viv-
Kitty mom- when the nurse call end me (after i has already spoken to the doc) she told me my 16 dpo was 2,600 and said "so it sounds like you are about 2 weeks pregnant." I started laughing!!! I'm like "chick, if I was two weeks pregnant I would be ovulating all over this phone right now" I say- you are looking good!
I had awe full sciatic hop nerv pain with my last 2 pregnancies. It seems to start pretty early. The chiropractor helped a ton! I think it started when the ligaments start to listen up. Good luck!
This is a great place to post random questions that aren't r:eateally a main page kinda question. Or a place to tell us what's for dinner! Speaking of which, we had takeout pizza.... I love the doting husband when I'm pregnant. Haha!
Yep. Hers my chart. http://FertilityFriend.com/home/1b07bd/
Lilytiger and myself are admins (althought it is taking days to add me, lol) so as soon as she sees it, or I get added, we can fix it.
Dr. just called with my 16DPO results. 2,684. Wow!!!
to do a pregancy tracker you have to type it in manually, and change it weekly to keep it updated. 
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