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Great number bremen! Liebra- how many dpo?
Hello everyone! is anyone else getting their HCG  checked? I had my first draw today and another in a few days.    Ill post my results when i get them.    Don't forget to post your dpo with it.    -Viv-
Hello everyone, and congrats!   I am 4 weeks, and 3 days. and I'm thrilled! I'm pregnant with my 7th pregnancy, and i have 3 live births. so as you can see the math adds up to too many miscarriages. :(   I'm hesitant but hopeful!   So glad to be here!!!!   -Viv-
ok. I'm feeling like maybe we haven't done something correctly.   To start a DDC:  include the name of the Social Group and whether it will be open or closed. Each group should have two volunteer group leaders.   July2014, Open, Vivica2 and LilyTiger. 
congrats ladies! now if i can just get a moderator to put our club! haha!
Congrats cluelesslily! I love your name choice! Haha! Hopefully in about a year, you can change it to Masterlily!
Cynthia mosher, I sent you a pm about the photo. Thanks! -Viv-
We put in a request, so it should be any day now. No need to pace.
I have a short luteal phase, and late ovulation. After having to use clomid and 1.5 years of trying with out third baby, I decided to get more involved. Iv charted temp, cp, cm, and ops for all 4 children (and 3 miscarriages). The progesterone cream I use only after ovulation to lengthen my luteal phase. I use the kind from earlypregnancytests.com I did not testy, no. But I know that was a good option for lengthening lp.
LilyTiger and myself would like to open a July2014 due date club. Yippee!!
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