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Lily tiger, I can do it with you f that's all it is. Haha!
I just found out 6 days ago. ( at 8 dpo!!!!) but I knew the night before that because I could:eat smell everything! That might be food. Lol! I'm Due the 9th now, apparently. Made my first appointment althought it's not till December. Haha! Guess I'm excited. Well be telling people at Christmas, how about you?
Oh me! I'm due the 13th. I can't co lead, I am way to busy. But I'll be an active member and thought I would chime in. Congrats!!
Sure!i was on vitrx for the previous months. About 4 months. 4 months ttc. I'm 18 months post party's and still nursing at night. I swear what made a difference was the progesterone cream every night. And I wasn't shy with it. Baby dust to you all!!!!
Here I sit, 8dpo. I got 2 lines! Whadaya know?! But how can that be Is It a trick on my heart? I can't tell, Please look at my chart! http://FertilityFriend.com/home/1b07bd/ Edit to add: the first test is dried. It is from yesterday. Both FMU. I took it out of the case because I was in shock! When I got another one this morning I finally believed it. The first one is an answer test. The second Is a frer within 2 minutes.
9dpo, answer early result. 3 minute mark. Eeek! Why I have to pee again!?!!!!??
This is now day 6 of super positive opks. What does it all mean!?!? History: about 1-2 days max of pos opks. Super super light period 2 weeks ago. 2 neg pregnancy tests. 2nd postpartum cycle. Still breasted ding my 18 month old 3-4 times a day and all Night.
Tantylnn- I remember you too! I see several Familiar "faces". baby dusty to you!!!!
Cd1 grr can you move me to waiting to ov. Sigh. Period starts 3 weeks into cycle. Aaaaaawesome.
Can you add me? 2ww. 5 dpo.... After my first ppAF, (it was super light and only lasted 1 day). I was STUPID horny for the first time since I had DD (16 months ago!) exactly CD15. Hope it worked!
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