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Where do you ladies go?!? Changed the name of the thread? Moved to another bored? I wanted to check in on a few of you. Stevie???
Iv been taking vitex for months, but it didn't work when I was TTC #3 either. Next step Is the naturopath for me. Iv just never seen one day of EW, so weird.... Btw- I remember you!
She 'nurses' not 'surges'.
I'm 14 months pp. no AF yet. Baby nurses 2-5 times at night and 5-8 times durring the day. She just started cutting back about a month ago, and just moved into her own bed a few weeks ago. Since then I has a ton of creamy cm. crept checking for EW but NOPE. Then 4 days ago me and dh BD and 24 hours later I had EW! Wasn't semen, I had cleared out by then. you think that could Have been ovulation? Only 12 hours of EW, and no leading up to it??? -Viv-
thanks for the new thread!   im vivica2 can you add me to Waiting to catch first PP egg  my DD is 8mo?   someone told me yesterday that if i take away the night nursings my af will return, im not ready to be that drastic yet, any other suggestions...supliments maybe?
hey ladies!    im a 3 time "one thread" graduate, were slowly talking about ttc #4  and im nursing my 8 month old. what do i need to know?   no pp af yet, have dtd a few times, checking cervix  and cm,not temping...looks like i may be gearing up to o....but how do i tell while nursing..is anything different about placement, cm etc?     thanks ladies!!! -Viv-   edit to add: fern and rosie! add me to the april ttc list. ;)
no pp AF yet. baby is 4 months old.    iv been feeling nauseous for 2 weeks now, so i thought it was time to test.   got a bf. not a squinter, but faint on an Internet cheapie.    I'm no n00b to ttc, (I'm a 2 time 'ONE THREAD' graduate).    so of coarse I'm thinking, 'it was the middle of they day with barely any pee, that's why its faint' and 'i cant be pregnant, I'm nursing ha ha!'   I'm full time nursing, all day and night.     seriously??? anyone...
thank you so much everyone for your help!   im in zone 5/6.  low desert.    were on a well.  well be planting all producing plants. fruit trees, nut trees, herbs, veggies.    plenty for us, and some to share! wont be selling.    we have chickens for pest control, and will be using plant specifics for pest control as well as soil amendments from the plant rotation in the veggie garden.    i'm not really sure about medicinal herbs, that's where you guys...
I'm building a house. all of my planting will be producing/medicinal. do you have any suggestions of plants, trees, herbs that you woudl plant in such a garden?   thanks so much!
  Scarlet. Born at 8:12 am on April 17th after 3.5 hours of labor. She was 7.1 LB and 20 1/4 inches long.     short birth story: 4:30 am- Dreaming about telling someone "no, this is a real contraction, it goes all the way around my back" 4:40 am- Wake up to a contraction 4:50- Decide I cant sleep because I 'may' have a baby today! 5:00- Try to eat breakfast, nausea stops that quickly. 5:10- Go tell husband, "im getting in the shower baby is coming...
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