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you guys make this sound easy! (other than a few bumps) ;)     my after pains have gone away (were at 3 days PP)  but my boobs are killing me! in every way possible. they are engorged, and i have open scabs on my nipples. not the areola part but right in the center of my nipple. TALK ABOUT PAIN!  any tips for this??? it is awefull...im about to bust out the formula so i can let the ladies heal. *sigh*
iv never herd of it. so glad you have a healthy beautiful baby to hold!
baby Scarlet, my bundle of 'squishy cuteness'  
yeah saudade!!! quick birth is so nice huh? haha!
Scarlet Rosalee was born at 8:12 this morning after 3.5 hours of labor  (from bloody show to holding baby) at 7.1 lb, 20 inches long.    nursing like a champion!!!!   we had a beautiful, quick, calm, hospital birth.    love to you all!!!! -viv-
saudade, the googling led me to: "might be an infection, might be labor" bah! no help! haha   woke up at 4 am to more blood (only enough to get on tp not in underwear and very painfull contrax about 10 min apart. an hour later they are 2-3 minutes apart!!!! grandma is on her way over and i keep thinking i just need to poop!   see you all again with my new baby!   -viv-
well, bloody show, my back is killing me, and my contractions arn't regular yet but i can feel them all the way up to my shoulder blades. youch! i think tonight is the night~! 38 weeks and 6 days. 
iv also had the super watery CM. its not totally clear, kinda milk white. is that the same that you guys have?   i kept thinking i had some sort of infection...now i'm going to Google it. haha!        
im so glad that you feel you trusted your body and got the birth that you felt was right. congrats!
feeling much better now.    i kept having the "oh crap did my water just break??" feeling yesterday just to find out it was the old 'cough and pee'.   awsome...
New Posts  All Forums: