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what a beautiful story! thank you for sharing it!
congrats!  glad your other kids got to be a part of your birthing. :)  
i havn't slept without waking up crying, iv cried myself to sleep for the past week, i'm not hungry, and i spend all day trying to fight back tears.    i feel so guilty that i 'forced' this pregnancy (clomid, progesterone, instead cups, charting etc...) and now i know that God has to be punishing me for it with this awful timing. why should i have to miss an event in my oldest child life because i wanted another baby so freaking bad?  why does my unborn child have to...
wow! thanks for sharing, what a great story!
what a beautiful story. thank you for sharing!
fern and nc mama- sounds like you are both gearing up realy quick! im sure you only have a day or 2 left from the prep work your body is doing. :)   afm- lost my mucuc plug this morning, i also have taken to last resorts (for me) so i dont miss a big event in my DS's childhood. in order to be a part of it baby needs to come by tomorrow.  so my last resorts for today are...jogging around the park at 38 weeks preggo...haha! it was a funny sight...yes. stripping my...
i needed that, thank you. 
oh man, ladies. i'm totally crying just reading about it!  i have been up the last 4 nights at 3 am and cant sleep for an hour, well the last 2 of those i was a bawling mess! i just sat in my glider and cried and cried for an hour!    i finally decided to be 'pro-active' and layed down on the ground under the open window in the full moon (to help baby know its time!) and fell asleep.    im an awful, awful mess as well. super energized and nesty during the day,...
will be doing this as well http://www.ehow.com/video_7671426_acupressure-points-cervix-dilate.html
thank you! 
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