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i finaly go ta temp jump! BD timing was ok, 2 days before... bu tim still hopefull, i mean..better chances for a girl right? yeah for ovulation!!! and finnegansmom, everything is fine, and the tests where just different sensitivities!
Quote: Originally Posted by ZoeJane'sMommy Monday Check-In Where are you in your cycle: CD34 1DPO I hate waiting to O especially when it takes 33 days. glad it finally happened!!! me too i think!! waiting sucks.... Quote: Originally Posted by Sweet.Bee [B]Monday Check-In Dear ovaries: please, please, please honor me with an ovulation soon. Sincerely, Sweet.Bee.[/I] Monday Check-In: Name:vivica Date:may...
someone told me today that if the girl is on top you wont get pregnant. i guess iv been doing it all wrong.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Sweet.Bee CD19, day 11 of fertile CM and my temp is still not up. I'm cramping like crazy, though, so maybe I'm about to ovulate? I hope so. This is exhausting. pretty sure were twins. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1b07bd CD 20, 8th day of FCM and 3rd day of blaring +opks! lol im thinking eggy thoughts today though.
Quote: Originally Posted by finnegansmom Well I have no patience or selfcontrol so I took a test the second my husband went to the grocery store so I could have peace. Is this test for real? it payed of!!!! congrats!!!
*squeel* im so glad this post is here! lol i am hoping to join you all, today is ov day, but we had good timing! chart here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1b07bd id be due.....Feb 19th. hope to be sick of you all by feb, cuz well all still be here! lol
well, i think its o day!!!! woohooo!! 7 days of FCM, when i usually have 1-2. and second day of pos OPK!! when i usually have about 5 hours that it is pos. i must be doing something right!! *cough* vitex and EPO*cough* also o pains today! and hubby is 'all up on this'... lol! so onto my regiment of b6 and prenatal, and lots of and and and hopefully !!!! chart here! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1b07bd FERTILE THOUGHTS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!
Karmab- i LOVED AJ!!!!! HE WAS TOTALY MY FAV!!! tell him viv says hi too. i do know a bunch of celebrities, but not any you would know ( i don think) they are electronic music DJ's. and believe me...they get SWARMED!!! with ladies when they come around...guys too! i used to be a gogo dancer, and i worked a the top rated club in the US for 3 years! so much fun! haha, bt now im a lowley houswife in the desert...and i would change it for anything.
happy swimming to all your little friends!! http://i788.photobucket.com/albums/y...x/swimmers.jpg (bread sticks gone arye)
i was making breadsticks, and some of them turned out a little.....different. so i made an homage to us all happy swimming to all your little friends!!! http://i788.photobucket.com/albums/y...x/swimmers.jpg not sure which will work. swimmers!
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