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Yup I've been doing calmag since around 20 weeks. I've done just about every home remedy out there and nothing is really budging it more than a couple points. It's just one of those things!
In my situation, I don't think it is safe to say no to induction. I would be putting my baby at risk. This isn't an induction for convenience. There is a valid medical reason.
I've been dealing with hbp throughout this pregnancy. I'm on meds for it, but it's still borderline high. My ob is planning to induce by 40 weeks. This is my third, so I'm hoping it won't be a long one. I was induced with my first, and it was very very long. Like 2 days long.
I started every 2 weeks around 28 weeks and every week starts around 36 weeks.
You can totally push a stroller in the sand here (central florida coast) The sand is packed really tight. People ride bikes on it and drive on it.
I can't figure out what's hard about saying to a person blocking your way "Excuse me, do you mind if I pass by?"   I also can't figure out why anyone would care what other people do (i.e. bringing a stroller to the beach) when it doesn't effect them in any way.   Also, if you are going to equate strollers with consumerism, you have to say the same for babywearing. I don't know if you've been to a babywearing board recently, but there are many, many people on...
I'm 28 weeks and had an OB appt today. Baby is head down and hopefully will stay that way!
You just don't want to try to  "cheat" or "fool" the test. GBS can be very serious. There have been documented cases of women who were advised to use garlic and hibiclens to pass the GBS test, but they really still had GBS and they lost their babies.
DH travels for work and I never pick him up. He parks at the airport and drives himself or takes a cab. I live about 40 minutes with no traffic too. I can't imagine him asking me to drag the kids to the airport.
OP: If I were you, I would be doing everything in my power to get those children out of that house. Call the local police dept, cps, every family member you know. Whatever it takes. I would not be giving a CONVICTED sex offender the benefit of the doubt. No way in hell.
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