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I did mine last monday. The drink was very yuck, but I'm not a soda drinker (i should say regular soda drinker. I love coke zero) You have to drink it in like 5 minutes, but I managed to choke it down. They said it takes a few days for the results, but they only call if it's bad. I didn't hear from them all week so I'm hopeful that I passed. I asked my doctor if I could do the breakfast and he doesn't think it's as accurate, but that could be because of possible user...
I remember with my last pregnancy being concerned when I saw my cbc was all out of range like yours. My ob said that the values are a lot different in pregnancy and I'm fine. Especially absolute neutrophils and wbcs because often your body thinks of the fetus as a foreign invader it needs to fight off.
Really as often as I want. I might get the side eye if it's starts being several nights a week though. Typically I go out with friends like one night a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
I had anemia with my last 2 pregnancies and am pretty sure I have it again. I'm dizzy, can't focus, can't stand, and have palpitations. Unlike you I have not been good and have not been taking my supplements until now. I bought Floradix which is supposed to a great iron supplement and just starting drinking it with OJ.
I really, really appreciate when people inform me of even a hint of illness before we get together. DD has asthma and she doesn't just get a little sick, she gets very sick.
Was it definitely tanning beds and not spray tan?
At this point, he can't really tell you to go find another OB. He has to keep you as a patient. In most states, if not all an OB has to give a patient 30 days notice to drop them and seeing as it's march 4 and you are due at the end of march, that's not possible. You can switch on your own accord but he can't drop you. Have you check the Michigan tribe on mdc? Maybe they can help find you another provider. It can be tricky since you are so close to the end, but it's worth...
We were totally broke when we got married so we scaled back our reception big time. We had a brunch reception with things like quiche, bagels, cut up fruit etc. I just can't imagine asking guests to bring food to *my* wedding. It's not like it's a block party where it's not honoring one specific person or couple. I think I would find it equally strange to be invited to a potluck baby shower or birthday party.
I had a great OB appt the other day! And while I was there the us tech let me take another peek at baby to make sure she's a girl- and she is!
I wouldn't bring my kids unless it was a very close relative- sibling or parent or the person strongly urged me to bring them. Catering halls often charge full price or close to it for children.
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