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IME, most people give roughly what their plate costs if they can afford to. If not well they give what they can. These days, we usually give $50-$100 depending on how close we are with the couple at the wedding and something off the registry for the shower. We used to struggle more with money and gave more like $20. We don't go to wedding very often. Maybe once a year or less.
For me, offended isn't the right word. I would find it very odd and kinda tacky and it would feel like the couple to be is creating work and added stress for their guests.
Usually only on special occasions like birthdays or valentine's day. Or if we go somewhere like a fondue place. Restaurant portions are so large that we usually are too full for dessert.
It's too early to be PIH. You probably have essential hypertension going on. (High blood pressure undiagnosed before pregnancy) I have it too and am now on beta blockers. If you can find a med that will control it, you have nothing to worry about.
A woman I know lost her baby to gbs and had a homebirth. She didn't do antibiotics, she did all the alternative treatments. She is now a big advocate of the antibiotics.
It's true that a sex offender who has not been caught could be living next door at anytime, but there might also be no sex offenders next door.This is someone who we know for a fact is a past offender. There is no maybe. So no I would not move into that building.
We're trying to figure this out now. We have a 4 bedroom, but it might as well be a 3 bedroom since dh uses the fourth as a home office. What complicates things even more is our house has a split floor plan. 2 bedrooms (ds's room and home office) are upstairs and the master and dd's room are downstairs. DD's is big enough to share if we got her a twin bed. Right now she has a queen bed. It was our old master bed before we got a king, then it was our guest bed now it's her...
A friend of mine from China keeps a basketful of disposable slippers (the kind you get at a nail salon) by the door.
People who keep me waiting whether by the phone or at a location and people who interrupt me when I'm talking.
I don't usually wear shoes in the house and let guests do whatever makes them comfortable. I'm a pretty laid back person and it's just not in me to enforce a rule like that. My floors are still clean regardless. We have no carpet downstairs- just wood and tile. It doesn't take a lot of time to sweep the floors regularly. I've seen some cute signs on etsy for shoes off policies if you are really a stickler for the no shoes thing. Honestly though, if the thing with the...
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