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With my second, my water broke and labor barely started for hours and hours and I eventually did the pit. They told me the same thing, not to stand or walk because of the risk for prolapse. My dd was very, very high. Ive done a ton of research, and it is a risk for prolapse in that situation. The risk is low, but the outcome is deadly if it happens.
You really need to have a dedicated person to care for your son. Anything could happen during including your ds getting really scared and wanting to leave. If it's just you and your husband, your husband would need to leave with your ds and you would be on your own for the birth. Do you have any neighbors who could watch him? Unless my inlaws or parents were downright abusive, I would utilize them to care for my children during the birth.
OP: These are the best! http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=536599&parentCategoryId=85180&categoryId=86184 THey look like underwear but are leakproof.
We have our 18 week scan on monday. I can't wait!!
Just went today actually (we have annual passes to wdw)This time of year there are a large number of people from the UK and Brazilians at the parks, but also people from all over the us as well.
Dh gets home around 7. Im not always home though when he gets home with ds at things like scouts or karate. If I am home dd immediately wants to go upstairs with him and watch snow white. I either finish making dinner or sometimes i order out. Then we eat, ds gets a shower and gets ready for bed. Dh puts him to bed, I put dd to bed, then we go to bed.
An unempty puke bucket while I was going through hyperemesis.
This is my 3rd and I'm 16.3 weeks. I feel little movements here and there but nothing to speak of. With my second I didnt feel movement till 20 weeks.
Im almost 32 and have flown close to 50 times in my life, possibly more.
I eat tuna once in a while in pregnancy.
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