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lol my dd says Melmo too. We have a girl's name kinda figured out but no clue on a boy's name.
I just feel like such a slug. I just want to sit on the couch and veg!
There is something about filet o fish that really hits the spot in pregnancy!
I'm planning one cause dh will be away on business for my 18 week scan. We had one with dd and it was really neat! I'll probably wait till 20 something weeks though.
Im having the same sleep issues. I can fall asleep okay, but then I wake up a few hours or so in and can't settle back in. I have a pg pillow that I loved during my last pregnancy, but lately it's just annoying me. I find myself wrestling with it and then eventually tugging on it and tossing it off the bed.
I'm almost 16 weeks and can't wait for this nausea to go away. I feel like I shouldn't complain cause it isn't close to as bad as it was my last pregnancy. But still, I'm throwing up a few times a week and just feeling generally queasy.
Learn from my mistake!!! I was in almost the exact same situation as you only the friend's dog was a different breed, but also a large breed. Out of control dog, crated all the time, never walked. They always kept it locked up when guests were over because their dog would be jumping, scratching, knocking people down etc. One day we were there, they let the dog out and she attacked my 2 year old. We are no longer friends.
If I were you I would take your little one in for a strep test? What's the harm? If he does have strep and it goes untreated, the consequences are dangerous.
Unless I had a small baby, I would go alone and have fun. I would probably try though to beg every relative/close friend I know to stay with my kids so my dh and I could go together.
The butterbeer is very good there. They have 2 versions- frozen and not. It tastes like a light vanilly version of cream soda with a dollop of fluff on top.
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