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This is the first pregnancy that I'm completely stumped on names.
I do think "screaming bloody murder" was OTT and hopefully you'll figure out a way to handle those situations better. I've learned in my years as a parent that it's up to me to protect my children. So in that situation, I would've immediately removed my 2 year old from the ladder. It might not be fair or right, but it would keep her safe. 5 year olds still often have a long way to go when it comes to impulse control and adding something like adhd or asperger's just...
I had that with my last baby and of course it happened on the night dh and I had a mini vacation in a hotel. When I went to the OB he said "hmm something has changed here" Apparantly all those contractions didn't start labor, but they did dialate me a centimeter and thin me out a lot.
There is no way I would pick the toys up. I would respond with "here is info on how to post on freecycle and the address of a couple thrift stores, good luck"
We live near Universal and I would definitely wait on Harry Potter. It's crazy busy there right now.
Is anyone having sleep issues? I fall asleep easily, but then 4-6 hours later I wake up and can't get comfortable again for anything and fall back asleep. I have one of those pregnancy pillows and I love it during my last pregnancy, but this pregnancy it just annoys me.
I have the WTE app to help me keep track of how many weeks I am, but I can't stand it. Every daily article is about either exercise, not gaining too much weight, or having sex. It's really annoying.
 for some reason they thought i was measuring 5 weeks ahead but the u/s said only 1 week ahead.
I had an ultrasound today cause I was measuring big and they thought my dates were off. Here's my little baby!!  
Heard it today at 14 weeks!
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