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My dh's cousin went to CIA-the one in New York to become a pastry chef. After school she did a short internship in France. When she got back to the states she wasnt able to find a pastry job and instead runs a college cafeteria. She says it pays the bills, but is certainly not her dream job.
Pie and buck or butt. Ive heard ass naked so butt must be ok.
I have a friend who sells pampered chef and I always go to her parties. She serves good wine and reallly good food at the parties, so I figure I get free food and drinks, a night out, and I buy something useful for the kitchen. It works for me. When I first became a sahm and was introduced to the world of "parties" they annoyed me and I felt a lot of pressure to buy. Now I'm more relaxed about it and don't feel pressure at all.
I thought it was awesome! Avatar is my favorite show. Im so sad that it's over. I thought it was weird that they had zuko ask his dad where his mom is but we never got the answer. I cant wait for the movie!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamalisa I have no issue with it at all. Not everyone thinks my kids are as cool as I do, I can understand that. . I totally agree with this.
I have no issue with babes in arms, I think it's great. How do you all define it though? Some say it's until a baby is old enough to need a highchair..
Quote: Originally Posted by riverscout I don't see what weird about it. They don't appeal to me. I don't like "a very specific type of purse" either. There are just things that appeal to me and things that don't. A long time ago, maybe 10+ years ago, Coach used to have very simple classic bags that I liked. Now they seem to have moved away from that to a bit more trendy bags, maybe trying to imitate Gucci and other high end designer bags. Even...
Quote: Originally Posted by GracesMama I almost cried at this one, especially since my friend said it, "I'm not going to wear my baby when he's born. I've been carrying him for 9 months, why would I want to keep carrying him?" Ugh I know someone who always says this!!!
I had a huge crack in my left nipple that would not heal. I tried just about everything I read and nothing helped! Whenever dd would latch on the left side, my whole body would freeze up from the pain. It was awful! Finally after a month of dealing with this I went to see an LC at a hospital BF luncheon and she told me to try polysporin (like neosporin) I was skeptical since I had tried more natural anti-bacterials. Anyway I applied it a few times and few days later the...
Fakes are getting harder and harder to spot but if you check the inside pocket and there is no serial # then it is definitely a fake.
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