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This is very normal. I noticed my lo doing this every once in a while, though not too often. I have seen other kids do this too. If they are very little, I would say to not worry about it so much and see if it passes. If it continued to when they are a bit older, then as pp said, I would talk to them and tell them it is ok to do, but it is something that we do in private.
i'm sorry :( it sounds very tough. I don't really have a ton of suggestions because it could be a number of things, but I would recommend speaking with a lactation consultant. Sometimes they just have great advice when it comes to feeding issues... could be worth a try! good luck momma!
I LOVE my Baby K'tan. It's like the Moby, but it way less fabric and you don't have to wrap it, so it is much easier to get on and off. My little guy just loved snuggling in there and would fall right asleep.
I used a Baby K'tan with both my lo's and nursed in it as well. Was really great to have when I was out and about.
you can use a warp style with a little one. I have a baby k'tan which i love because it's easy to put on (don't have to wrap it), but any other stretchy wrap is great too. they are all going to say a minimum weight of like 7-8 lbs, but it's because of the new carrier laws. i used mine before 8lb and it was great.
sorry to hear that. it's always tough for me to hear my lo cry and not know how to help :(. The pp's all had good suggestions - i would try a cd of familiar songs, or maybe a doll or blanky that smells like you. other than that, you might just have to wait out this phase. it's tough, but i have found that baby phases tend to change so quickly. hopefully this will pass.
cant suggest a ring sling, sorry, but i do love my k'tan. its a great stretchy wrap option - much easier to use than a traditional wraps (like moby or boba) but gives you the same end result and positions.
cute! we use a k'tan (same idea, just no wrapping) and its great! definitely amazing to have a carrier, especially for first few months of life.
there is no right or wrong answer here. i don't think any of us can really predict what your will feel in the future. BUT, i can say that it is probably not uncommon to be feeling the way that you do right now. the best tip would be just live, wait, and see how you feel in the future!
love our baby k'tan. does all the same things as the moby, but is much easier to use. you do want baby to be fairly high up - as pp said, "kissable" - so their pictures make sense. but you can shift your lo so that you are both comfy. it's easy to play with because its just soft cotton.
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