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I did this with my second baby and I'm totally interested to join this time!! I'm so excited! Something that we did last time that worked really well was just include stamps enough to cover return shipping already attached to a self addressed envelope in the package with the beads. I used a padded mailer to send my beads and had the post office weigh it twice- once for sending the package to the divvyer and once for the return padded mailer- I figured the extra mailer in...
I just requested to join.
My first- 38 weeks, 2 days: 7lbs My second- 39 weeks, 5 days (though the midwive thought she was really closer to 41 weeks): 9lbs, 3oz
My son was just at his sister's birth 11 days ago. He is 26 months and did awesome! When labor began, he and I were home alone. As it intensified (very quickly! My labor was 3 hours from first twinge to baby out), he was my little doula: he brought me water and a pillow, rubbed my back, and generally was pretty great. When my midwife, the doulas, and husband arrived, he retreated a bit with his doula (my sister), but he stayed close. After the birth, he hung out with my...
Oh, how fun! I am interested in both the gift and the bead swap. I have requested entry to the FB group.
Oh, wow- I understand your worry! I literally fell flat on my face/belly at 28 weeks during my last pregnancy. I am not a light gal, and my midwife sent me to the hospital right away. I was fine, baby was/is totally fine. One of the nurses told me that babies are so well protected in there- especially relatively early on- they are surrounded by fluid and fat. Call your provider for reassurance, but I bet all is fine!
Oh, I think I am glad to hear that. Can I ask for clarification? Good that we will, in fact, move, or it will be a good move/place for us? If you can't answer, I understand. Thank you!
Placenta encapsulation is awesome! I had it done last time- I also had a smoothie directly after the birth (there is a dime sized piece in it, and you can't taste it at all), and I had chocolates made with the powder. I have a little bit of information on my website ( check my profile), adding more always.
We have put some things in motion to make a move south - when do you see this happening (if it does at all)? Also: Spring baby! SAHM! Thanks for your advice.
It occurred to me today, as I am packing our schedule full with fun things to do that maybe we are doing too much? Am I messing up my kid by taking him to new and exciting things to do all the time? We (ok, me especially) have a hard time just hanging out at home because DS (1.5) tends to be super clingy and whiny at home (let's not talk about emptying that dang bookshelf every. Single. Day.), while he is relatively self sufficient when we are out and about. At home, he...
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