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Right now my son, 5 mos, is EBFed, but is starting to show some interest in food. I am hoping to get proactive in finding what are the best foods to start with? I have been able to mostly control his symptoms by eating a restricted diet, is safe to assume he can eat the foods that I can have? It's just such a limited diet and I really don't want to have him suffer while I experiment with his diet. Should I bother with rice or go straight to avocado or bananas?   Any...
The neighbor told us that they had the well tested a few years back and other than an "acceptable" range of uranium all was good. My concern lies with what chemicals are leaching from the pool liner and can a regular filter screen out BPA or what ever is giving the water that plastic pool taste and smell. I would like to keep all the minerals that come from a mountain well but will sacrifice them if need be.
We share a well with our neighbor. Our water comes from his cistern and he recently told us that the cistern had been leaking so he lined with a swimming pool liner!!!!   I had been using bottled water for drinking and some cooking but now I am really freaked put. My kids bathe in that water. Does anyone know what could be leaching into the water? It smells like a pool, I assume it tastes like plastic as well. What filter can help with with chemicals like this? I can...
Jan Eklund delivered my son dec 2, in the water, she was only as involved as I wanted her to be, would use her again for sure!
My friend who lives at 8000+ had three 10lb babies. I wouldn't worry about it.
[QUOTE=Adaline'sMama;16016718] His weiner dog is named Tecumseh. I had the thought that you can always name a dog Tecumseh! We are having a problem with a name around here because most of the names we like are either already used for pets, or friends have children with the name. I wouldn't budge on this one, the teasing really could be horrendous.
I wish I had advice, am looking forward to what others experiences have been, planning my homebirth in a few weeks and depending on what time this baby comes I may not have a support person for my almost3 y/o. Someone can pick her up and take her to their house, but I am very attached to the idea of her being present for birth, my midwife can bring her assistant, and if I labor the same way, my partner will be free to help dd as needed. I just hope she doesn't want to...
I live in Beulah and am putting the pieces together for my homebirth. My SIL is my first choice to take photo's, but she works full time and has three children of her own, so this baby's timing will have to be perfect if she is to make it. I just thought if there was anyone in the area, maybe I could talk to them and get an idea of rates etc. Thanks for any info!
I have always felt that 3 was a much more challenging year than the two year olds! I am 34 weeks pregnant and my daughter will be three in Dec, so I can relate to your experience right now! I try to just accept the fact that I am tired and will be for quite some time. Three year olds are struggling with the needs for autonomy and security. This can be quite a difficult time for them and we parents must try to have as much compassion for them as possible, as well as...
My daughter is a huge Mo Willems fan as well, she also has loved the "Llama, Llama" books. We read "Who ate all the Cookie Dough" several times a day as well. I also am struggling to find good book suggestions so this thread is great for us!
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