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Thank you for your reponses.  As for an update, I ended up going into labor a few hours after posting.  31 hours after my water began leaking. 1 hour after my midwife came to visit, did vitals/heart tones and rubbed my thighs with Cleary Sage Oil:)   I had a very wonderful home/water birth.  Began labor about 5:00PM and my 8 lb 2 oz little girl, Ruby, was born at 1:02 AM-- so about 8 hours of actual labor contractions.  Best labor yet:)
hi all.  Question for you!   Background:  Baby #4, 2nd Homebirth, 4th non-medicated birth.    I'm 41 weeks + 2 days and yesterday at 10:00 AM my waters started leaking.  Conx 15-20 min apart.  Very sporatic sometimes stopping all together for up to an hour.  Called my midwife, she said make sure fluid is clear (it is), watch for fever, and just wait.  I'm still waiting 3:20 next day--over 24 hours later.  I called her again a while a go to say nothing has changed...
With my first, I had 3.  8 weeks, 20 weeks, and at 40 weeks.   With my second and third I just had 1 at 20 weeks, my dh is really uncomfortable with the idea of having none.  He likes to know the heart and brain are developing the way they should be since we have them at home.  I am thinking that is what I will do again, unless there is a good reason for another...
I LOVE belly pics!!  They are amazing.  Here is my 7 week pic.  Really sort of a before because I haven't changed much, just a bit bloated;)   http://i480.photobucket.com/albums/rr166/babybelly3/Baby%204/DSC02046.jpg
I don't tell anyone irl until I'm well out of my 1st trimester (besides DH of course) because I've had multiple miscarriages and I don't like everyone to know/worry.  I never start to show until right around 20 weeks and so I am thinking of waiting until then this time--but it will be hard to keep quiet!!  We will see! 
Hi everyone!  My name is Melinda, I am expecting my 4th baby the end of Nov.  I am 7 weeks.  Super excited and this will most likely be our last.  I've had a total of 6 m/c but I'm  feeling confident this one will stick:)  We are planning our second homebirth, (my first was with baby #3) and my first midwife appt is next week.    Congrats to everyone and may we all have a healthy pregnancy!!
My little guys poop is harder too, but he is nursing less and eating more food so I figured that is why
Last time I got them around 35 weeks. Before 36 weeks, my midwife would have sent me to the hospital...
I haven't seen my MW yet--I'm 9 weeks. Not sure when I will yet either LOL.
Ultrasounds are a bit scary to me too, but so is not knowing that everything looks good. For this reason I always do JUST ONE ultrasound. At 20 weeks. It's always hard to know what is best isn't it?
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