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I didn't tear either Odinsmama, and we DTD first at 3.5 weeks and then again today. The first time was uncomfortable, but that could be because I was nervous about it and probably a bit tense. Today (at almost 5 weeks PP) was much better. I only had a small tear with my son, but not tearing at all has made things soooo much easier and I feel good this time.   I'm still bleeding though, at almost 5 weeks. Just when I think it's almost done, I will get some more red...
Oh my goodness...so cute Guy! Love the fox!
Congratulations! I hope you have a good recovery and are getting lots of cuddles with your baby boy.
  Have you tried Mila in the Ergo without the insert? I do it frequently with Violet and just froggy her legs with a receiving blanket rolled up under her butt. It works really well, but she is pretty big...probably about 11 pounds at this point. I don't have the insert but love using the Ergo any way!
I don't love the Moby because it takes for-ever for me to get it on and off (I'm a newbie), but I have had a lot of success nursing her in it. It's easier for me to nurse in the Moby then in the pocket, ring sling, or ergo thus far.   The front/back one, is it similar to the ergo? I love the ergo best for Violet, and haven't nursed her in it yet, but want to try soon by loosening the straps a bit. Would that work?
Good thread!   Obviously, different things work for different people, so take this with a giant grain of salt, but I've been putting Violet down "drowsy but awake" with some success. I respond to her very quickly if she needs me, but sometimes she does some grunting before falling asleep on her own. It is nice (when it happens). Of course, I think I have been blessed with relatively easy babes AND we use a paci at times, partially due to my oversupply. So that's...
How is everyone this week? Typebug, we're thinking of you. Jenny, are you feeling any better? Teles, are the diet changes helping baby yet?   I've been lurking daily, but haven't had much time to post. Violet is doing great and such a joy. At 3.5 weeks (her one month appointment), she weighed in at 10 pounds 4 ounces. That means she's been gaining close to a pound a week. Loves her milk!   We've been getting a good 4ish hour stretch in her crib before she wakes...
Adorable babies, everyone. Love Joel's blue eyes, and that is a great pic Gray's mommy. HOP, he looks like a big guy!   Here's Violet, on Sunday (the day before she turned one month! Oh my goodness it goes too fast!) and then yesterday on a walk.    
Thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you worked really hard to make your VBAC a reality, and sometimes these things aren't meant to be. Judah sounds precious, and I love the name...it's my oldest's name. :)
Congratulations! Sorry that you didn't get your VBAC, but I'm so glad you went into labor and you are now holding your baby!
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