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He is so beautiful. Congratulations!
Welcome Talley! I love that he has a cool connection with his uncle. Hope you are resting up and enjoying him!
Congrats. He's adorable!
Beautiful, perfect picture. The "joy and relief" face is the BEST.
Yay! Go mama go!
Thanks so much ladies. It's nice to feel validated that the transition labor thing isn't just in my head and happens to other people too! Birth is so crazy.
Seconds after birth.   Andddd...none of the other photos will load. But I promise she is more pink now. She actually got APGARS of 9 and then 10, which the nurses said is crazy because they never give 10s. :)
Sunday, February 10th (my best guess for a due date, though my midwives were going by my LMP date of 2/12) I woke up around 6 with random crampy contractions. Nothing too impressive, but different from the constant painless BH contractions I had had for months. The contractions were about one or two every hour, so I tried not to get my hopes up but that is sort of a lost cause at 40ish weeks pregnant. :) I woke DH up to DTD, and then went to church as usual...had a few...
Congrats Dakota! Sounds like you did amazing through a hard few days. I'm so glad you both are healthy, and think its great how quickly you got to hold and feed her after birth! Sent from my HTC One V using Tapatalk 2
Congrats! We had 8 pound babes just hours apart. So happy for you all!
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