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That is so hard. I'm sorry. I hope tonight's the night for you!
I'm so emotionally shot, nauseous, and worn out. Had a bit more bloody show today and lots of bowel movements and it could still be weeks. Ugh. I'm going to try to lose myself in the sweet bliss of sleep now...
Hey, enjoy it! That's awesome. And I'm guessing you won't stay pregnant forever...I'm totally convinced that everyone else will have eventually a baby but me, so you're safe.
I'm glad you even have a zen waiting thing. Mine flew out the window about a week and a half ago...can't seem to get it back... :)   We will have babies soon. Soon soon soon. Repeat as needed.
Sounds like a fantastic birth. Congrats!
Good luck. Your plan sounds good! Just as an encouragement, I have one friend who has been induced twice for pre-e at 39 weeks, and both times all she needed was Cervadil. They had to remove it pretty quickly because it started such strong contractions. Labors were both pretty short start to finish.   So, not super common but it totally does happen. Let us know how things are going!
Yay! Happy for you.   My little mover is back to RO-something-or-other. Can't even tell right now. Oh well, I'm trying to let go of control.
Yay for a doula, Katie! That should be a big help.   I haven't had any contractions to speak of, so I'm assuming that my (continuing) bloody show is related to Monday's membrane sweep. But oh, how I wish something was happening.   Today is my due date if you go by early ultrasound...but I'm pretty sure the most accurate one is the 10th. Not that it matters, but these dates do stick in your head, eh?
  39 something weeks. This baby seems so much more compact than DS was.
So, I've been having bloody show since like 2:30 this afternoon, but I don't know if it's "real" bloody show since I had my membranes swept yesterday morning. But I hardly had any blood in the 30 hours between that and this afternoon, so maybe? Hmmm. Haven't had any painful contractions really, just some cramps and the ever present BH contractions.    Would bleeding from a membrane sweep randomly start more than a day later? This is definitely bloody thick mucous,...
New Posts  All Forums: