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So glad you're alright. Congratulations on baby Willa...sounds like a crazy freight-train of a delivery!
Question for you mamas:   As of last night, my two-year-old has a cough, hoarse voice, and no other apparent symptoms (he seems his normal self, no runny nose or fever, etc). Any ideas what that might be? I'm trying not to freak out about it since he seems fine, but I just hope it doesn't develop into something worse...   We are delayed/selective vaxxers so he's not fully vax'd for pertussis, and so even though I know it's unlikely I'm going to worst case...
So, I'm guessing a bunch of us will be having babies in the next few days. Eeeek! So exciting.   How is everyone feeling?   I feel kind of "meh". I want to have this baby, but I'm just sort of resigned to letting things go today. My constant menstrual crampiness and back pain died down during the night, so I don't think my membrane sweep "worked." Which is fine, I didn't really expect it to unless I was close any way! And I'd rather feel good if my discomfort...
I would also love to get to a chiro but we have an HMO insurance plan and I'm not sure how it works or that it's covered at all.  Should probably give them a call....   I asked the midwife to strip my membranes at my 39 week appointment today. I am only 1 cm and "mostly soft", but it seemed she was able to get in there to sweep. I know all the pros and cons and weighed them for a while before asking, so I am glad she did it at this point. Waking up with nausea and...
Buko, I know how you feel...pregnancy hormones are so anxiety provoking. Ugh. My husband actually told me the other night when I was moaning about baby being posterior that if I wasn't worrying about this it would be something else. Sounds rude, but he actually said it gently. And I realized he's right....now baby's seemingly anterior and I have other worries. ;)   But anyway, I thought baby was maybe breech like a month ago because of the hiccups thing. Turns out,...
Well, today at my midwife appointment it seems that she is LOA. Hard to tell for sure, but I'm happy that she's there (at least for the moment). Hope the rest of you have some luck too! I think she's moving around still but hopefully stays where she is. Get some labor going, baby!
I just slowly enjoyed a Mike's Hard Lemonade at our superbowl party. I figured that if this baby's gonna stay in forever, I might as well have a little fun.
What a pretty name. Congratulations!
So sorry everyone who is sick. I hope you all are amazed at how quickly you get over it.
Welcome Freya! She is beautiful and I'm sure her brothers are enamored. Congrats odinsmama!
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